What is your biggest regret in life?

I have already written a similar answer so i am going to copy and paste that.,I have many regrets. Sorry for the long post.,I am 22 year old male was born in a lower middle class family in India. I have sweet parents. They have always provided me with the best they can. I donu2019t regret being born to them in fact that is one of my greatest gifts.

Whats the most popular country in the world?

Hi, Lucas, and thank for the A2A. Ernest W. Adams beat me to it: Popular in what respect? Based on immigration it's the U.S.: 10 Most Popular Countries For Immigrationn nThe problem with raw numbers, of course, is that they don't adequately factor-in variables, e.g. "per capita," (relative) ease-of-access, affordability, etc. n nRe. tourism, France

prayer for my boyfriend to come back,Why do you support BJPModi?

I will tell you a real story of a Simple boy-Ramlal.Ramlal was a teenage boy who rarely go to temple and knows nothing about his own religion neither his father or anyone else ever forced him to learn about it, his father and grandfathers were regular voters of Congress.He was studying in a Christian missionary school and use to read bible quotes/p

zodiac friendship compatibility,Do you trust the results of birthday compatibility calculations? Is it honestly accurate regarding your spouse or LTR youre in?

Birthday compatibility calculations?!?! I think I know what youu2019re talking about, but it sounds more like pop culture lingo that has no place in what I know in my world as an astrologer.,Birthday compatibility. Letu2019s see now: If such things were valid, I might be scratching my head to figure out how it is that two people in my familyu2014on

smartphone with dual front camera,Why is an under screen camera needed in a smartphone?

An under screen camera is not needed in a smartphone. In fact, no front camera is needed unless youu2019re doing videoconferencing (the original purpose of the front camera), video calling, or youu2019re into selfies.,And in fact, very few phones have under-screen phones. Back in the days of phones with large u201chatu201d and u201cchinu201d bezels

malaysia time to philippine time,What time is Christmas 2020 around the world?

Christmas Eve, 24 December 202010am u2013 Christmas Island (Kiritimati), Samoa, Tonga,11am u2013 New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington),12pm u2013 Fiji, Russia (Far East),,1pm u2013 Australia (eastern regions), Papua New Guinea, Guam,3pm u2013 Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Indonesia (eastern regions),4pm u2013 China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malay

Is kissing (Not drunk) cheating?

If itu2019s on the cheek, no.,If itu2019s on the hand, no.,If itu2019s a quick peck on the lips, not necessarily.,If itu2019s an extended kiss on the lips, yes.,If itu2019s a kiss on someoneu2019s genitalia, hell yes.

dreams about public bathrooms,Should I let my child have a lock on their bedroom door?

Should I let my child have a lock on their bedroom door?Children need to feel that there is a place where they can go to be alone and not be intruded upon. It is a human need we have for privacy and to express or feel our deepest personal feelings and thoughts unobserved. This is part of a healthy mind. Think about itu2014how would you feel if when

modern black and white kitchen,What was the last thing a Trump supporter said to you?

This happened during the 2016 campaign. I was at my auntu2019s house and we were at the kitchen table speaking.,My aunt lives in a very small coastal town in Oregon.,I happen to be Muslim and I have five children who absolutely love her and her husband. Theyu2019ve been guests in her home and she has never been anything but kind to them or me.,I wa

mashed potatoes recipe with mayonnaise,What can you substitute for mayo in crab cakes?

I canu2019t quite see why anyone would put mayonnaise in crab cakes. For me crab cakes would contain minced crab, mashed potato, seasonings, maybe some finely chopped spring onions and an egg as a binder. Perhaps some grated lemon zest would work too.,Shape into u2018cakesu2019, coat in flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs and into the pan to fry. Thatu

leftover fried chicken recipes,What was a meal you loved as a kid but now that youu2019re an adult you realize your parents only made because you were poor?

This.,Arroz caldo or Chicken Rice Porridge is the popular Filipino version of the asian Congee. Itu2019s rice boiled to a porridge-like consistency, with ginger, chicken meat, topped with fried garlic, spring onions, boiled eggs, drizzled with lemon/kalamansi or sometimes, toyo (soy sauce), or patis (fish sauce).,Back in my childhood, my mama used

french toast simple recipe vanilla,How do you make french toast?

Ok, you're in for a real treat.,I'm about to show you how to make the best French toast you've ever had.,Ready?,First things first, start with the right bread. Get a nice fresh whole challah loaf. You can get challah in the bakery section of most grocery stores. You want to cut it in nice thick slices, about half an inch thick, like this:,Now for t

small space small walk in closet,Why are British houses so small?

There are several reasons why both the impression is, that UK homes are smaller, and the fact that compared to SOME, they are.,Chiefly among the reasons are money.,The Private Housing Market in the UK is generally agreed upon by many of its citizen to be frankly appalling. The methods whereby a house (or any property) is purchased (mainly in Englan

cleaning dehumidifier coils,How do you clean felt boot liners?

Just did this earlier this week.,Remove the smelly liners, spray them inside and outside with laundry stain remover containing enzymes. Allow to permeate the felt for at least 15 minutes. Rinse them.,Fill a bucket with a bleach water solution and submerge the liners for a few hours.,Finally, toss them into the washer with a few towels on a hot cycl

What is my car worth?

Look at all the books like KBB, NADA, Cars.com, Carfax, etc., etc. which will give you a baseline value but remember that no two cars are exactly alike so there really is no absolute price except what someone is willing to pay and you are willing to accept.

different types of cakes with pictures,What foods do people mistakenly think are ethnic cuisine, but really are not authentic or even u201cethnic?u201d

German chocolate cake is not German.,The cake is an American confection, developed in the 1950s. It was originally called u201cGermanu2019s Chocolate Cake.u201d The name comes from a type of sweet dark chocolate sold by the Bakeru2019s Chocolate Company, developed in the 1850s and named in honor of the employee who formulated it, a British immigran

simple bedroom ceiling designs,What are some good designs for bedrooms of small size?

Small bedrooms are a blessing to have a baby-like sleep time. You canu2019t deny that. You have been missing sleeping like a baby for a very long time.,Now the problem is small bedrooms can feel claustrophobic if not appropriately designed. Always remember the utilization of every corner can save up as well create as much space you want. And for th