color wheel complementary colors gray,What goes with gray walls?

Choosing grey as the main or base colour of your decor opens up a great number of options as to adding interest.,Depending on the type of grey you have chosen you can add pretty much any colour depending on the look you are looking for.,If you have a light grey and are trying to add interest or depth to the rooms look at adding darker, vivid colour

easy to cook chicken recipes,How much protein is there in chicken breast?

Protein is a macro nutrient necessary for the proper growth and function of the human body. There is considerable debate over the amount of protein a person needs to consume per day, the current recommended daily intake (RDI) for protein is 46 grams for women aged 19-70, and 56 grams for men aged 19-70. Any excess protein is turned into energy by t

decorating with christmas lights year round,Why dont responsible gun control activists join the pro-gun groups to try to work out measures to preserve, both the Second Amendment and innocent lives?

A larger issue is the lack of knowledge and the unwillingness of anti-gun rights people to learn the facts before they start talking. Just surveying Quora and some of the questions, you can see the same mis-information being spread in the form of the questions asked. Surveying our politicians is even scarier:,"Well, you know, my shotgun will do bet

dreaming of my mother who passed away,What does it mean when you dreamed of your mother talking to you and you ask her how come she is alive when she was already dead and answered you u201cI am not aliveu201d?

As someone who is clairvoyant, here is what I can tell youu2026 when my mom first passed, she would visit me every night. These are not dreams, these are real encounters. Beings of spiritual nature recognize clairvoyant people, so they come to them because they know they are someone who recognizes them. I was tore up inside and crying all of the ti

What is the role of inflation in economy in simplest terms?

The increase in the general price level of an essential commodity or service is known as inflation . We buy products from market at a price . This price is normally consists of cost of production , cost of transportation , cost of advertising etc . When this price becomes high as compared to the expected level , this is known as inflation .,However

procedures in cooking chicken adobo,What is the best Filipino dish you have ever eaten?

The Filipino diet is very diverse and differs greatly in the cities to that found in the provinces with many areas having speciality dishes. Coastal regions have excellent fish and seafood dishes, Pampanga region has one of my favourite dishes Sisig a dish made up of pork face,ears and belly with liver.,Pork Sisig Recipe - Filipino Recipes from Lut

how many hours from philippines to korea,Why did the United States President Donald Trump say "The Philippines is an unbelievably important, most prime location in the entire world"?

I never understood World War 2 until I went to the Philippines. I will try to explain.,The South China Sea has 4 practical exits. I am aware of a few more but for the most part they are, * The Straits of Malaccan * The San Bernardino Straitn * The Sirago Straitn * The Taiwan Straitn * There are 2 minor exits otherwisen,The San Bernardino Strait and

Have you ever walked out of an interview?

Yes I have. It was some years ago for a prominent tech company back in Atlanta, who I wonu2019t name. They had actually contacted me as they needed someone with Six Sigma Process Improvement experience and my background was completely on point. The initial phone interview went great and they scheduled me to come in and meet with the COO and someone

What is the best business plan formattemplate to use for a new start-up?

Forget the business plan. Just answer each of these headings:,A) ProblemnDefine the top three problems your customer has,B) SolutionnGive one sentence describing your solution. Include at least three differentiating features your product will have.,C) Unique Value Proposition (UVP)nHow are you at least 10% better than your competitors? Why are you

Is the Openshot video editor easy to use?

Have to admit I never tried it.,I use the excellent HitFilm - started with Express which, although fully featured, is still Free. I bought a number of add-on packages (who would not want a Sci-Fi effects? HitFilm Express: Free editing & VFX software - fxhome.comnAfter a year or so I raised to fully Pro. (Now on v12),What is important to remember, i

Why did you give up on Facebook?

I didn't get a Facebook as soon as friends and family did. I wasn't so sure about social media and I had only recently discovered video games! I was a new mom though and I worked full time while my (now ex) husband took a break from the Army and tried to heal. I was busy! I also sew and knit a LOT and was a horrible cook trying to learn to make thi

What causes the greenhouse effect?

Physics. The greenhouse effect is not simple. The entire planet is involved, from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the atmosphere - at least up to the stratosphere.,RE: u201cWhat causes the greenhouse effect?u201d,Focusing on the surface leads to conflicting conclusions. The surface is important, of course. Most of the light from the Sun

no bake cookies no peanut butter,What are some good recipes for no bake cookies?

NO BAKE CHOCOLATE OATMEAL COOKIES n2 c. sugar n1/2 c. evaporated milk n1 stick oil n4 tbsp. cocoa nBoil for 1 1/2 minutes. Add: n1/2 c. peanut butter n3 c. oats n1/2 tsp. vanilla nDrop on waxpaper by spoonfuls or put in cake pan and cut into squares. nNO BAKE SUGAR COOKIES n1/2 c. milk n1/2 c. butter n2 c. sugar nBring above ingredients to a boil f

How difficult is studying information technology engineering?

Information Technology or as it is called IT is a huge subject. It encompass information and communication technology or ICT. It combines Electronics and communication technology along with recently developed computer and mobile technologies.,So if somebody wants to learn IT, he or she has to start from somewhere small like, just learn electronics,

1 dollars convert to philippine peso,Is Chinas Belt And Road looking like a giant debt trap? Is it a plan for China to seize countries strategic assets?

Since this "debt trapu201d theory has gain traction as topical news, let's examine it in detail.,It originated in a 54-page report published on 24 May 2018 by the Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs from the Harvard University's Kennedy School : First let's look at some real-world "debt trap" anecdotes.,"you can't force a country to