how to make indian chicken curry,Which is the best south Indian dish?

My favorite,Ragi Mudde- Koli saaru (Ragi ball- Chicken Curry),You can find these dish in South Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. You will find these in Bangalore (mostly),I can eat 5u20136 Ragi ball with chicken curry. It tastes awesome.,Ragi Mudde-Avare kaalu sambar ( Ragi ball- Hyacinth Bean sambar),If you got fever, farmers of my region suggest you

fillings and spreads for sandwiches,What are some good recipes which include potatoes?

I spent a few months in Glenochil Detention Centre in Central Scotland back in the early 70u2019s.,This was a terrible place to be incarcerated, with regular beatings, shitty repetitive jobs, early morning track and gym etc.,However, for the most part, the food was quite good.,Everyone looked forward to Sunday supper, which was cheese pie night.,I

delicious weight loss recipes,What are some easy recipes I can cook to lose weight?

Hi there,Everybody has a different make up. Some u2018dietsu2019 that work for one person may not work for you. That being said, you definitely get foods that will make anybody put on weight.,Foods that are generally good for losing weight include vegetables of all the colours; broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, eggplant, carrots, etc.,Some Fruits an

How can data analytics help in your small business?

Data is everywhere. But, the quality and, more importantly, analysis of this data plays a vital role in maintaining an organizationu2019s relevance. Analyzing the data they collect can offer valuable insights and play a central role in the growth and success of all businesses, big or small.,Traditionally, data analytics is believed to be helpful on

Some Dem presidential candidates are promising to erase student loan debt. I wonder if this is wise because I worked my way through college and never took a student loan. Is that fair to the students that worked their way through?

Dear Kurt Sawyer,,Your bio says that you graduated college in 1977. nAn average cost for private university in the 1976u20131977 calendar year was $4715, including room and board. It wasnu2019t much different for a public university. nA maxed Pell Grant in 1977 for a student at a 4 year private university averaged about 45% of the cost of tuition,

fruit gift boxes delivered,Why are edible arrangements expensive?

The prices are definitely ABSURD and I'm glad I'm not the only one to recognize that. The price of fresh, fully ripened organic strawberries from a farmers market coupled with a few high quality chocolate bars or chips do not cost that much money these days to justify Edible Arrangements inflation. Even if you were to factor in the cost of labor, i

baked salmon recipe with parmesan,What are good things to put in a salad?

I got this out of the NY Times a long time ago, and have tweaked it over the years.,NY Times--101 salad ideasMostly vegan1. Cube watermelon and combine with tomato chunks, basil and basic vinaigrette. You can substitute peach for the watermelon or the tomato (but not both). You can also add bacon or feta.,2. Mix wedges of tomatoes and peaches, add

narrow lot luxury house plans,What does a traditional house in your country look like?

Hi, I am from India, the land of diversity, each indian state has its own house architecture, within each state different communities(also called caste) has their own way of building house.,I am from Tamil Nadu, the southern tip of Indian peninsula, i will present some of the Individual traditional Houses from my state,,u200b,Since House architectu