Whats a good age to give your kids a phone?

Never is the simplest and best answer. Unfortunately we live in a world where a child without a cell phone is considered abuse so I understand the pressure to get one for a child.,Since the simplest answer wont suffice I would say that no right age exists, each child is different in maturity levels. One child may be mature enough to handle learning

How can one housewife earn money at home?

This one might help you to make the final move:,3 life examples on HOW TO START a home based ONLINE BUSINESSThere is a saying, u201cif you are not ashamed of the first version of your product, youu2019re launching too lateu201d.Do not overthink it: if you do not have any previous experience in launching a business, you probably wonu2019t be able to

Is inflation a bad thing for the economy? Why?

Two main reasons.,Firstly, inflation is like a virus. If you donu2019t root it out, it will spread and kill you. I assume no explanation is needed as to why 1000% inflation is bad. Well, if you donu2019t root inflation out once it starts, you will get 1000% inflation in no time.,How does this work? Inflation starts because of an excess money supply

how to cook bacon in the oven,How do I cook bacon in the oven with aluminum foil?

Oh no, don't use foil, it is still going to stick. Instead use parchment paper to cook on, 15-25 minutes at 350u00b0 degrees will do it, you can even put a layer of parchment on top of the bacon to help keep the splatters down. If you like pepper bacon you can make it yourself by putting ground black pepper on before cooking instead of buying and p

best free lightroom presets reddit,What is the best font for a college essay?

Choosing the best font for university essays is really difficult. As a university student, you have to stand out from other studentsu2019 academic papers.What is the best fonts for university essays? Arial and Helvetica sans-serif style is a common font choice among university students. Some universities do have guidelines on their website about wh

how to increase spice tolerance,Should I drink milk while building spice tolerance? Does not drinking milk while eating spicy foods increase spice tolerance faster?

It really depends on what kind of spice you are trying to tolerate more/faster. But generally:,Milk contains varying amounts of fat (skim, 2%, whole, etc). This milkfat will do two things:,-if you drink the milk before eating the spice, a small amount of fat will temporarily coat your taste buds from the spice, making it u201cless spicyu201d,-if yo

What does this sound like to you: "Spirituality has dose-dependent effects. New Age can heal backache, but it is unheard of that it cures cancer. Christian Science is more spiritual, and that is why it can cure both."?

Can I say it sounds like u2018bollocksu2019?,u2018Bollocksu2019 is a UK English slang word that literally means u2018testiclesu2019, but is more widely used to mean u2018meaningless and possibly pernicious nonsenseu2019.,The reason I say it sounds like bollocks is that Christian Science doesnu2019t cure anything. Numerous people have died because e

mcdonalds chicken nuggets price uk,Why has McDonalds gotten so expensive?

McDonaldu2019s has inadvertently created two tracks that their customers can choose when ordering food: regular menu and value menu.,It all began with the u201cDollar Menuu201d about 15 years ago. At that time, in response to competitors who had created special menus with low priced items (mostly offered for a dollar), McDonaldu2019s followed suit.

contemporary house interior design,Why do you want to make money? Is getting rich the ultimate goal of a person? How will it help you? What will you achieve?

So that I can buy all of the below things:,A scenic backyard rain shower for those hot summer daysn,Source: Home DesignnThis bookshelf, which opens up to reveal a hidden roomu2026n,Source: ...Let's have dessert...nu2026inside are more books and a secret storage compartment beneath the bedn,A four sided Lego wall with unlimited potential for creativ

How many billionaires are there in the world?

I've no idea where Abuena is getting his/her number from but according to Forbes latest list there are 1810 billionaires (1st Mar 2016), down from 1826 last year.,The World's Billionaires ,Almost certainly there are not, in fact, precisely 1810. Forbes has to estimate people's wealth as best it can and there can be significant differences between w

Is a diploma holder eligible for the SSC CHSL?

The short answer is yes. Diploma holders are eligible for the SSC CHSL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level). Diploma holders can apply for participating in the SSC CHSL recruitment process provided they meet all the other eligibility criteria specified for the SSC CHSL selection process that year.,Note: The eligibility crite

how to make a hidden door in a wall,Is it legal to build a secret room in your house?

It depends on the laws and building codes where you are.,If you are allowed to do any construction at all without a permit, it may be possible to construct a secret room in secret. (Good luck keeping construction secret.),The thing is, most u201csecret roomsu201d are very findable. Rooms take space, and that space is very obviously missing from a h

time difference los angeles and philippines,Are Phoenix and LA in the same time zone?

Phoenix Arizona is in the Mountain Standard Time Zone. Arizona does not follow the practice of Daylight Savings Time.,Los Angeles California is in the Pacific Time Zone and does practice Daylight Savings Time.,During the Spring, Summer and late Fall and Winter months. California advances their clock one hour making it the same time as Arizona.

programmable light bulb timer,Why do most of the startups, whether launched by an IITian or not, fail miserably? Which ones really became successful? What are the reasons behind this?

How many experiments did it take Edison to invent to light bulb?,Startups essentially invent a new business model - a unique combination of technology, market, revenue source, partnership and value proposition. Flipkart and others invented a new model - of being able to use e-commerce to serve customers across India with or without card payments. O

What are the steps to getting started with eCommerce?

Cashing in on the Ecommerce BoomE-commerce is just another word for business transactions that happen online. Popular e-commerce websites include Amazon, Zappos, eBay, Overstock, and others. Itu2019s a billion dollar industry that continues to grow with each passing year.,According to the United States Census Bureau, e-commerce sales for retailers

best bourbon whiskey brands,What the best Rye whiskey?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I like:,Willett and Angelu2019s Envy. For a novel u201cryeu201d experience try Beamu2019s u201cLittle Book, Chapter 2u201d.,But you donu2019t have to spend big bucks: Check out Barton, Overholt, and Dickel.