what is prepared on the table in passover meal,Where does the nine branch menorah and shamash candle come from, if it is not found in the written Torah?

u05d1"u05d4,Chabad.orgThe Shammash: Why the Menorah Has a 9th CandleBy Menachem Posnerllustration by Sefira Ross,What Is a Shammash?A Chanukah menorah has eight lights. The shammash u2013 the "attendant" candle that is used to kindle the other lights u2013 is set apart from the other candles (often higher or lower), on the ninth branch of the menor

disney themed christmas decorations,How do American and Danish cultures differ?

On a lot of things!,Views on education:While in America, most would say that if you want a higher education you should work for it (get a job, earn the money, etc), in Denmark, a higher education is pretty much a right. It's considered a right to the point where the government pays you to study. And people complain about not getting paid enough (wh

How do I write a resume, if I have never had a job?

First, consider this letter you are writing will represent you. Itu2019s the only thing about you your potential employer can see.,Hold on to this thought. We will come back to it.,Set aside all the reasons why you want, need or deserve a job. The place where you are interviewing is wondering how you can help them, not how they can help you. Focus

How does a pandemic impact the economy?

With some 190 different countries that all are hurt to a different extent by the pandemic and have followed different policies to cope with the pandemic the only simple conclusion that can be drawn is that economic growth and economic development of nearly all countries has been or will be hurt.

backyard tropical garden design,Is gardening an art?

By certain TV shows, you would think that garden design is all about "outdoor spaces" filled with masses of cement, firepits, hardscaping and wicker chaise lounges. The idea of the outdoor space as another room or extension of the house has been evolving the past couple decades, but has really taken off within the past few years. In my opinion, gar

laptops with color accurate screens,What laptop under $1000 is the best for 4K video and photo editing? I need a great screen (15) and decent performance. Right now, Iu2019m thinking about Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro.

Thatu2019s probably your best choice as 4k screens are usually reserved for premium models and 4k with a great screen under $1000 is almost impossible. The tech costs money, mainly new one like this. Iu2019d recommend you either lower your expectations or wait until you save enough. Certainly wouldnu2019t buy without seeing it in person or being ab

starbucks coffee ingredients,Why doesnt Starbucks offer almond milk?

as a note, i want to bring the news that almondmilk is now available at most locations in the united states.,i think there were two big problems starbucks had with bringing almondmilk to their stores. the first involves the problem of having to find a new space to store the almondmilk cartons both in backroom storage and fridge storage. starbucks h

carbonara ingredients and procedure,Can you make creamy carbonara without eggs?

Carbonara is made with 4 ingredients: eggs, Pecorino, guanciale and pepper. nIf you remove an ingredient it turns into another dish, it is no longer a carbonara.,Pasta alla carbonara without eggs has a very specific name, that is pasta alla gricia.,It u2018s a kind of eggless Carbonara. nIf you prefer, it is a kind of Cacio & Pepe with guanciale.,D

How can I download YouTube videos to my iPhone?

The iPhone and iPad may have the fewest ways to convert and download YouTube videos as MP4 files, but they're also the best. While only one method is YouTube-approved, there's a free tool that subverts the entire market of YouTube downloader apps and sites that's safer to use than any free third-party option you'll find anywhere else.,Unblock regio

What are some examples of excellent customer service for nurses?

I am not a nurse myself but my sisters and a lot of my friends are. Being in the healthcare service industry means the lives of their patients are always their top priority. Customer service will follow thereafter however there are always cases where the patient is stubborn that they overlook their own welfare. Thatu2019s the time nurses throw cust

fried chicken nutrition facts,How much can you eat in an "all you can eat" restaurant?

Venue: Upper deck cafe and sports grillThe task in the hand: Unlimited Bar-b-que chicken for one @ u20b9280.Me and my 5 friends took the challenge.,The first plate with 7 pieces of fried chicken came with mayonnaise sauce.,After 5 minutes.Empty plates!!,Came the second batch of chicken and additional sauce.,Taking a sip of mint lime juice provided,

australian dollar to philippines,How much is 5.7 million US dollars in Indian rupees?

5.7 Million Dollars in Rupees - US Dollar to Indian RupeeConvert 5700000 US Dollar to Indian Rupee using latest Foreign Currency Exchange Rates.10 100 1000,USD - US Dollar $,EUR - Euro u20ac,GBP - British Pound Sterling u00a3,INR - Indian Rupee u20b9,AUD - Australian Dollar $,CAD - Canadian Dollar $,AED - UAE Dirham u062f.u0625,MYR - Malaysian ring

what to bring when moving to a new house,What is a way to make a move from one apartment to another in the same city easy, quick, inexpensive as possible, and hassle-free?

Do research on movers. A lot of them will provide and/or rent boxes, furniture padding, wardrobe boxes, etc. Make sure the movers have as accurate a breakdown as possible of what all you're moving. How many boxes, furniture pieces, wall hangings, etc. Many of them have time minimums and accuracy will ensure that they don't go over the time allotmen