How can renewable and nonrenewable resources be compared?

Renewable Energy Resource : Renewable Energy is that energy which cannot be exhausted and can be used again and again. for example solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy and hydroelectric etc.,Non-renewable energy resources: Non- Renewable energy resources which can be exhausted one day and cannot be used repeatedly are called non-renewable energy

How important are cover letters for faculty job applications in academia?

In the US, an application for an faculty job usually has several parts: statement of interest in the position, research statement, teaching philosophy, CV, letters of recommendation, and sometimes a diversity statement. In the humanities and social sciences, one usually also provides a writing sample (a single-authored published article or thesis c

Should white nationalism be illegal in the United States?

You donu2019t ban ideas, no matter how unpopular they are. Even the whole idea, in my opinion, is cowardly. Are you saying that you canu2019t make a good enough argument against white nationalism that you have to use coercion to shut them up?,If white nationalists engage in criminal activity in order to advance their ideas, then that is already ill

Which is a better course CFA OR FRM?

The answer to this question depends upon the liking of an individual. Let me try to answer this question from different points.,Overview of the Exam:Financial Risk management (FRM) is a globally certified course by GARP. If you are more inclined and passionate about risk management then FRM is the right course for you.,Chartered Financial Analyst (

Is salary expense Debit or credit?

As I would explain to students in my accounting classes, expenses take equity away. And thatu2019s why you debit them. So although expenses are equity accounts, which is on the right side of the accounting equation, they do not increase equity. Those equity accounts that add to equity get credited, while those that lower equity get debited.

best sony headphones for gaming,My dad says if I connect my PC gaming headset to my phone, it will break my phone because PC headset has much higher "intake" (I guess electricity). Is it true?

The word heu2019s talking about is likely u201cimpedance,u201d and the heavier-loaded headphones have the LOWER impedance. Also, Iu2019m assuming your gamer headset uses the 3.5mm u201cmini phonou201d plug, and is not a USB headset. A USB headset will not perform any differently with a PC than with a phone where it works; the PC/phone canu2019t tel

What are the most prominent signs that a person may be a sociopath?

Lack of Empathy,Complete disregard for others (unless it's entirely to benefit their own needs of course then rapidly their demeanor changes),Oh hellu2026 because I'm tired but want to enlighten you & help you expand your consciousness..,I copied and pasted this for you, as it's very detailed..,Profile of the SociopathSome of the common features of

garlic parmesan chicken wings recipe,Do you cook after work?

Oh yes definitely. I am currently in Delhi for a sub-speciality training and renting in a PG accommodation. The one thing I miss the most is cooking. I am a big lover of food. And nothing gives me more happiness than eating a tasty meal and watching a nice movie/series on Netflix. I can't wait to finish up here, go back and resume my culinary indul

is induction cooking better than gas,Is cooking on an induction cooktop harmful?

Induction Cooktops are a thing of 21st Century and itu2019s getting popular every day. So, to answer this question, I will try to be as simple and elaborative.,What is an Induction Cooktop:nIn very simple words, induction cooktop is a smart, quick and safe method to cook food. All you have to do is push a few buttons and the cooktop will cook the f