the word of god is like a lion,If the serpent was Satan in Genesis and was cursed by God to crawl on his stomach for eternity, why was he walking like a u201croaring lionu201d in Job?

The story of Adam and Eve was not about Satan u2014 that was a later, mainly Christian take on the story because of the obvious fallacy in believing that snakes can talk.,The story of Adam and Eve was essentially animistic and part of its purpose was to explain why snakes crawl on their bellies and women suffer pain in childbirth. Australian Aborig

olympus em1 mark ii vs em5 mark iii,If you have $1,100 to spend on a new mirrorless camera, what would you buy, Fujifilm X-T20 and XF18u201355mm, or Olympus E-M10 and Zuiko 12u201340mm Pro?

Wellu2026 I can definitely buy the Fujifilm X-T20 new for $1,100, with the good kit lens, the XF18u201355 f/2.8u20134.0 R LM OIS, so thereu2019s that. I am an Olympus user, so you are getting bias here!,But Fujifilm would be my second choice in mirrorless today, so I canu2019t specifically fault either choice. The X-T20 will have the advantage of h

What is the highest grossing domestic horror movie of all time?

IT: Chapter One is currently the highest grossing horror film in the United States.,This is, of course, not adjusting for inflation.,Adjusted for inflation, the answer depends on what you consider a horror movie. Itu2019s either Jaws or The Exorcist.,Here are the top ten horror movies when adjusted for inflation:,1. u201cJawsu201d (1975), $1.154 bi

small japanese apartment interior,What does a typical home in Japan look like?

Space is at a premium. Apartments are small.,If youu2019re single, you might have a dorm size refrigerator or a u00bd size refrigerator. There is not a lot of storage, so we tend not to accumulate belongings.,My apartment has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room (actually doubles as the living room) and a kitchen. The master bedroom just has a

How does globalization affect me personally?

Personally, globalisation affects me positively because of bonding and exchanging of goods, companies, ideas and so on. It has got a lot to do with social media also, I would categorise both going hand in hand working together. However, it is a topic that should always be kept under control, which is, I feel as there are a lot one needs to do befor

ice cream sundae recipes with pictures,What are the ingredients for an ice cream sundae?

At its most basic, an ice cream sundae is vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce or hot fudge, then topped with whipped cream, chopped walnuts, and a maraschino cherry.,One can use any of the dozens of flavors of ice cream for a sundae. Other sauces include butterscotch, strawberry, marshmallow, fruit compotes, and others.,One version I can

Whats the best free antivirus for Windows 10?

The one that comes with it. Nowadays antivirus is not the only thing that helps you avoid security problems with your computer. It is only part of the solution.,The most important thing is to follow a set of basic rules. I already gave my list in a previous answer but it isnu2019t hard to copy/paste, so here it is:,NEVER modify UAC settings and, fo

How does offering free tertiary education affect a countrys economy?

I am going to assume that tertiary education means colleges and that we are supposed to compare a system of free colleges to a more conventional combination of paid colleges and on the job training. Otherwise, the question is too unspecific for me to answer in an interesting way. Under my assumptions, the effect is most likely to be negative.,The d

best phone for memory and camera,What is the best new camera phone for 2022?

If you take a look at our upcoming flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 10 Pro, youu2019ll notice that we collaborated with Hasselblad to improve and refine our camera systems. By combining Hasselbladu2019s expertise in traditional photography and our learnings in software algorithms and processing, we were able to deliver a more versatile and fully-fl

What is the ROI formula in Excel?

Net Income Method:nROI = Net Income/Original Investment value,Capital Gain Method:nROI = (Current Share Price - Original Share Price)/Original Share Price,Total Return Method:nROI = (Current Share Price + Total Dividends Received - Original Share Price)/Original Share Price,Annualized ROI:nROI = [(Sale Price Of Share / Original Share Price) ^ (1 /