living room divider design,What are some decor ideas for a small home office?

Small Home Office Decor Ideas:A home office is a workplace inside the house where you can work comfortably for long hours. People who work from home may get tedious and annoying to work on laptops or computers for a protactic period.,The place should be comfortable, and it should inspire you to work more. It could be a small area in your living roo

how to properly take care of succulents,How much water do succulents need per week?

That depends on if they are sitting in direct sunlight or not. I have had succulents that I could leave longer than a week without watering. There are sonmany variables that affect how quickly a plant will dry out. Time of year, ntemperature in your home, direct sunlight vs: shaded area, size of pot plant is in.nSorry I just canu2019t pin point a t

Is computer science easier or harder than engineering? Why?

It depends entirely on the individual and how their mind works. CS is all mathematics, abstraction, and theory. CE has practical implementation at its core. So, if you find mathematical abstraction difficult without a tie to real-worl applications, CS will be harder for you. I've observed CE PhD students struggle with computational complexity theor

best video mirrorless camera 2019,Which mirrorless camera is best for videos?

Thereu2019s no single u201cbestu201d. I depends on your list of requirements. u201cBest for meu201d isnu2019t necessarily relevant to you, but I can at least include some suggestions and the u201cwhyu201d behind them. Some basics to ask about:,Does the camera fit my budget,Does the camera work with any of my existing gear, or must I buy new lenses,

budget laptops with touchscreen,Does it make sense to buy a touchscreen laptop?

Touchscreen do make sense for me in my HP pavilion x360. I was in dilemma when i first thought to buy this laptop as whether i really need a touchscreen or not. but after usage of nearly 2 months i found touchscreen to be must have feature in a laptop provided that you should go for a laptop with 360 mode(a convertible) or with a detachable display

How does Gopal Kavalireddi calculate the target price of a stock?

Calculation of the price target of any stock is the final part or conclusion, after completion of the fundamental analysis. I have given in my earlier answers on how to do fundamental analysis. Hence I will not cover it again, but proceed further with arriving at the price target.,Loosely used term, u2018Intrinsic valueu2019 is defined as the fair

Why do we use the word Asian?

Asian is a term too broad and is an outdated, Euro-centric way of looking at the world. Every civilization had an equivalent of "others" - people who were outside the civilization and Asia is just one such term [people who were not in Greek world of Europa]. ,It makes no sense to put Japan and Syria in the same bucket as there is very little connec

what colors match with brown,What colors look good with light pink?

ank you for the A2A, here is some ideas on how to wear a pink t-shirt:,Pink t-shirt and a fuchsia long skirtThis combo of a pink t-shirt and a fuchsia long skirt will attract attention for all the right reasons. Add a touch of elegance to your outfit with a pair of silver leather sandals.,Pink t-shirts and wide white pantsBe noticed among other sty

what lucky color for 2022,What is the difference between living among alligators in Florida and doing so in Louisiana? Are they the same species? Where is the greater danger?

Gator country!,Letu2019s start out with population. There are about 4.3 million wild alligators, across 10 US states. Plus almost 1 million in alligator farms. But weu2019re just going to talk about two of the statesu2026 LA & FL.,Iu2019ve had the pleasure and adventure of living in gator country in both Louisiana and in Florida. In both states, my

Who were the most brilliant students amongst the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and what subjects and skills were they very excellent at? Could you also suggest examples of their learning skills, practice and special stories of their application?

Everyone had their own skills.,They died fighting for such things like who is most brilliant and still after so many years people are still thinking about the same as who is powerful, brilliant, best, etc.,I guess Balrama was the best who did not choose to participate in war.,Reason : Thr side of Balrama would win so itu2019s better he is out at fi