What is the cheapest but most developed country to live in (2022)?

Considering the 193 recognized countries of the world and two UN non-member observer states (Vatican City and Palestine), I can easily answer this question with mathematical analysis. Iu2019ve assessed the level of development for each country using the Human Development Index rankings and combined that with average monthly expenses using the Cost

different types of coffee drinks,What are some habits that are good to get into?

Drink water.,Talk with a positive person.,Write down three good things that happened to you each day.,Laugh u2013 even if you have to force it. The mere action of laughing releases endorphins.,Get some sun (or a positive vibe, if itu2019s a gray day.): I haven't been exposed enough sunlight since seven months, snow sucks sometimes :D,Go for an exer

What are some concerns with genetically modified organisms and food? If GMO food has the potential to dramatically increase our food production, why is it so bad?

Most science-based anti-GMO claims are based on potential threat. That maybe the GMO food will be bad for people, maybe it will be bad for the environment, etc. While potentials always exist, assuming all GMO's will be dangerous has no basis in scientific fact. The technology of GMO is perfectly safe, and all GMO crops produced so far are safe for

What happened to the murderers of Junko Furuta?

Honestly, If somebody were to hurt my loved ones like this, I would take the matter in my own hands. I`m sorry, but I would`t wait for justice to come. The anger and the fury inside me when somebody would harm my family, were enough to kill them back, of course giving them the same slowly death. Quick death is never an option. I`m really sorry, but

how to give a toast at a dinner,What makes a good Best man speech?

The best u2018best manu2019 speech requires a little research. You need to assemble a collection of examples of u2018funu2019 situations that the groom experienced.,Remember, this is a happy situation. The guests are there to enjoy and to celebrate. If the example cannot be interpreted as u2018funu2019, do not include it.,Your continual theme is a

how to connect usb mic to iphone,What is the best USB microphone for podcasts?

Hey, It depends on your budget and your needs. Actually, with the right budget, you can find some USB mics that can achieve the same quality as any others on the market.,Here are some nice USB microphones for podcasts I always use in my studio:,1. Fifine USB Condenser MicrophoneThis mic is plug and play, meaning no expensive (and sometimes hard to

What is the difference between electron transfer in respiration and photosynthesis?

General differences between oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria and photophosphorylation in chloroplasts are listed below for comparison. Of course there are many detailed differences too numerous to list. These are very different processes as one can see from the diagrams. I think a list of the similarities might actually be more interesting

6 inch strawberry cheesecake recipe,What is the best cheesecake recipe using lemon?

IngredientsFor the crust1 u00bd cups graham cracker crumbs,u00bd cup bobu2019s red millu00ae super-fine natural almond flour,3 tablespoons sugar,6 tablespoons butter, melted,For the cheesecake1 cup granulated sugar,Zest of 2 lemons,4 8-ounce packages cream cheese, room temperature,4 large eggs, room temperature,2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract,u00b

how to make mozzarella sticks without frying,How was your experience of using air fryer?

This air fryer has lasted much better in terms of quality, and the food it cooks is amazing. Air fried food doesn't taste exactly the same as deep fried, but I have grown to love the air fried taste. One of my favourite dishes to cook is chicken wings, they come out great.,By most measures, air frying is healthier than frying in oil. It cuts calori

how to make my laptop faster,What are some ways to make my laptop faster for gaming?

FIrstly, you need to know how much % utilisation of your CPU, Memory (RAM) and GPU while gaming. You can do this by pressing ctrl + shift + esc on your keyboard and the task manager will pop up, after that click on the Performance tab. Do this step while your game in running in the foreground, so you can see how much % utilisation your game is usin

how much protein in a chicken thigh,How much chicken is required for 100 people?

That depends. Are you serving all this at a celebration or in a food line? The reason why Iu2019m asking is that these days, Iu2019ve had friends come to me for advice on how to feed 9u201310 families at Ronald McDonald Houses and similar such events.,(from Cleveland),As a rule of thumb (in a charity type of event), youu2019re shooting for at least

What are the similarities of dependent and independent variables in research?

They are just variables.,It depends on the research and hypothesys. They have to be stated clearly.,If you want to know how blood sugar rise as insuline decreases or viceversa, any of them can be dependent or independent. They are associated.,If the end goal is blood sugar levels with different values of glucagon and insulin, then the last 2 are in

How does Walmart keep on pushing back at Amazon?

Walmart is a behemoth.,In 95, when Amazon was a twinkle in Bezou2019s eye, Walmart had $ 90 billion in revenue. Just to provide perspective, this was 1.2% of US GDP in 1995. In 2000, when Amazon posted $2.7 billion in revenue, Walmart posted $180 billion. A little less than 90 times Amazonu2019s. In fact, Walmartu2019s profit of $6billion was 3 tim