What are some study hacks every student should know?

Some study hacks everyone round the corner should follow to ace up in academics.,Try to make succinct notes to avoid last minute cramming.Proper sleep cycle: sleep should be your favourite hobby. Try to get 6-8 hours daily.Clean your study space: Your study space should be clean before you start.Use pencil to make immediate points and markings.Use

How much money do the Rothschilds have?

Only a handful of people know. The Rothschilds are the wealthiest family on this earth. They call the shots. The run the world. They're behind pulling the strings to our puppets *cough* I meant world leaders. The internet lists Evelyn de Rothschild as amassing 20 billion USD. This is total bollocks. You have to be careful discussing these people, b

How can I get ideas to start a big business?

Yes !!!,Yes, your question is how can we build a big business ?,Great question I want to give my opinion here.,Personally, I don't think a big business can grow big on its own. It starts with a small business.,A small business, its transformation, a willingness to work hard, a lot of hard work will have to face big challenges.,Our Asia continent is

What precisely is a differential equation?

An equation is a mathematical "sentence," of sorts, that describes the relationship between two or more things. If you say a = b, then you've just described the (trivially simple) relationship between a and b.A differential equation is a particular type of equation that includes not just things, but the rates of change of things.,For example, consi

How does YouTube send money?

Being a You Tuber, after you have done your job by creating, editing, mixing etc. Itu2019s time to upload to YouTube.,Just as you upload, people from all over the world start engaging with your video, if itu2019s creative and interesting and informative.,After a period of time when your channel is grown up a bit and videos are getting more views, y

leftover fried chicken recipes,What was a meal you loved as a kid but now that youu2019re an adult you realize your parents only made because you were poor?

This.,Arroz caldo or Chicken Rice Porridge is the popular Filipino version of the asian Congee. Itu2019s rice boiled to a porridge-like consistency, with ginger, chicken meat, topped with fried garlic, spring onions, boiled eggs, drizzled with lemon/kalamansi or sometimes, toyo (soy sauce), or patis (fish sauce).,Back in my childhood, my mama used

What is the role of IMF and how does it function?

After World War Two, the winners created the International Monetary Fund to uphold stability for developed countries, along with the World Bank for developing countries. ,The names are arbitrary: Keynes saidn,The Bank is a fund, and the Fund is a bank!n,nThe IMF is supposed to help developed countries that have financial difficulties. Many have arg

Whats a rule your employer implemented that backfired terribly?

Everyone in the office was paid on an hourly basis and it was each person's responsibility to keep track of how many hours they worked each day on a paper time sheet. At the end of each week each employee turned in their time sheet to their supervisor who would sign them and then give the to HR so everyone can get paid for the hours they worked. In

pool house ideas on a budget,Have you ever picked the wrong pet?

Yes, his name was Oliver. We adopted a cat years ago, about 1998. The animal shelter staff mentioned that it was adopted and returned twice (That should have rung alarm bells), but my then 6 year old step daughter fell in love with Oliver so we took him home. Oliver was young, about a year old when we adopted him. We also had a cat that I brought i

How can I start a home based business?

This one might help you to make the final move:,3 life examples on HOW TO START a home based ONLINE BUSINESSThere is a saying, u201cif you are not ashamed of the first version of your product, youu2019re launching too lateu201d.Do not overthink it: if you do not have any previous experience in launching a business, you probably wonu2019t be able to

prayer to remove negativity,Can you recommend any resources (books, folklore, etc.) when it comes to the study of Crossroads Magic? I am particularly interested in Cemetery Crossroads but any and all insights are welcome. Thank you.

Here are some of my notes. Crossroads are one of those things that many, many grimoires mention in passing and very few give anything other than a couple of generalizations as to why they are important. I will keep adding new information as time permits. Cheers!,HYPNAGOGIA: The State of Awareness between Waking, Sleeping and Dreaming. It is the Cro

what colors go well with yellow,What are some colors that go well with navy blue?

Navy blue is the bread and butter of every wardrobe and it's no surprise why! It can be worn with almost any colour. A dark navy blue works really well with crisp solid colors such as white/ red/ beige.,This all blue look is just fantastic,you can go with this kind of look too with a red or yellow pair of heel.,Taylor Swift is a street wear pro,she

black and yellow color combination,Why is green always the color added to the red-blue-yellow palette to make a 4-color palette in logos, as opposed to the other secondary colors?

I think it's because the green is the next least proximate color to Red blue and yellow. ,See, Red and Blue are dominant colors in the trio of red, blue and yellow color palette. You want to add one more color, it has to be the one which is least proximate to any of the three. Since Green is closer to yellow, and yellow is the least intensive color

difference between ipad and tablet,What is the best use of the iPad for engineering?

Oh boy.,The iPad is incredibly useful for engineering. For the sake of maximum relevance, Iu2019m gonna just talk about the iPad Pro.,First Iu2019m gonna assume that youu2019re an engineering student in university. A big part of any studentu2019s life is note-taking, and the iPad Pro when combined with the Apple Pencil is great for that. This is ev

mint green and pink bedroom,What are common bedroom decorating styles?

Here are some:,Rustic:Rustic is not easy to define because it's as much a feeling as a style. Essentially, it comes down to natural materials in an unprocessed state or materials that are returning to their natural state through age and use.,It has an overall casual style. Key elements include distressed wood, a palette of natural and neutral tones

best mongolian beef recipe ever,How do Chinese restaurants get their beef to be so tender? Like beef in black bean sauce or Mongolian beef etc. It almost falls apart in the mouth.

I was taught this by a Chinese chef and it definitely works. Prep your meat right and it will cut like butter. Even the cheapest cuts of beef.,First of all, slice your meat diagonally against the grain. This is very important. Use a sharp knife and cut nice thin and even slices.,Next is your marinade. Half a teaspoon of baking soda. A tablespoon of