different kinds of egg dishes,Which is your favourite Indian food?

I'm not Indian but in my home I have prepared a variety of Indian dishes, I've loved all :) my favorites:,*Parantha:There is a great variety, but I've had the opportunity to prepare of cauliflower, potato, carrot, egg (Mughlai paratha) they are so tasty :),*Samosa:It's fun preparing this dish and try to get this triangular shape :),*Pakoras:It is a

What does "swot" mean in British slang?

To swot means to study hard as in swotting for exams. Being a swot can be seen as being a bit nerdy, a person with their nose always in a book. It can also mean being a bit of a creeping teachers pet

how to make fluffy scrambled eggs,How do you make scrambled eggs without milk?

The best scrambled eggs I'd ever had were at a bed-and-breakfast. They were so much better than the eggs I made, and I asked the cook for her secret. She told me she'd taken a French-cooking class and learned to make them with water, not milk. I was skeptical, but the proof was in the pudding - or, rather, the eggs. They were delicious. So, ever si

diced tomatoes recipe ideas,What is a great bean soup recipe?

The biggest problem with cooking good bean soup is dealing with soaking. Timing is always a pain in the ass.,But. There's a way around it. Want to get from plain dry beans to here in just a few hours?,Break out the Crock Pot.,Start with a bag of 15-bean soup. I like Hambeens brand.,You're going to need:,One onion finely chopped,3 cloves minced Garl

living room modern cupboard design,What would be an ideal home for an INTJ?

Personally, I would like my house to be located away from noisy cities. The area below should do nicely:,I prefer a house thatu2019s not too big. It should have a reasonable number of rooms for 1 person. As for interior design, maybe something a little colorful. I like patterns, and would incorporate this into the design of the rooms. The kitchen a

how to put snow filters on pictures,What Korean apps are there which K-pop idols use?

okay so i can confirm a few apps that i will be listing down here so less get itttt,1.Foodieit is a app dedicated to filters for food that was targetting food bloggers but it soon became popular amongst a huge amount of people incuding k-idols. we can see several bts members using the app as well as jieun of apink.,here jimin used the filter YU2 fr

Why was the FDIC insurance limit set to $250k?

To limit the liability of the FDIC. It is, after all, an insurance company, funded by insurance payments by banks. In the case of a bank failure, the FDIC has to pay real cash to the banku2019s accountholders.,This limit is much higher than anyone has in cash in banks except the most wealthy people, so it protects the small-holder. It doesnu2019t p

how to trim video in powerdirector,What are some good Android apps for video editing?

There are several android apps available which can help you edit your videos. Iu2019m going to list the top 5 android apps for video editing. These apps are excellent at what they do, so keep reading for more information.,1. FilmoraGoFilmoraGo is a fantastic Android video editor app that has a large user base. All of the basic functions, such as tr

What are vision and mission statements?

It is often said, u201cIf you donu2019t know where you want to be, how are you going to get there?u201d,VISION & MISSION statement form part of the strategic guidelines for organisations to make good decisions. Here are our firmu2019s Strategic Marketing Governance Guidelines which include our Vision Statementu2026,Mission: What our organisation wa

kitchen floor tiles texture,Where are stone tiles supposed to be installed?

Stone tiles are quite versatile and so can be installed almost on any surface, be it floor or walls, interior or exterior. Let's see how you can integrate these stone tiles into your home.,Stone Flooring:Natural stone flooring adds natural beauty and timeless elegance to any room, be it a kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. Because, when it

Whyare variables important in research?

variables guide the researchers to persue their studies with maximum curiosity. variables also determine the cause and effects in research.,Vaiables are independent and dependent variables The independent variable is the variable the experimenter changes or controls and is assumed to have a direct effect on the dependent variable. The dependent var

orange ginger chicken recipe,What are some recipes that use fresh ginger?

Carrot and ginger soup is excellent. Roast the carrots, puree them with vegetable stock and grate some fresh ginger into the soup.,My brother makes gingercello, a combination of vodka and ginger with simple syrup. Itu2019s really tasty and easy to make, though you have to be patient as the ginger infuses into the vodka over several weeks.,Pumpkin p

Why do most intellectuals tend to lean towards liberalism?

That's a good question. It's not true in every research field; engineers and economists, for example, have far more right-wing intellectuals than other fields. But it's true in a lot of fields of study (especially in the social sciences and humanities), and it's an interesting truth.,Right-wingers often argue that intellectuals lean left because th