What is Tim Cook like?

Tim Cook is intensely, intensely private.,When Steve Jobs made iMovie a flagship product, he instructed his top executives to each make a short film with the software and present. The idea of iMovie was to make computers useful and accessible to families. Other employees documented their vacations, their children's birthdays, and so on. Not Tim, hi

How do you do market research for a startup idea?

Obviously, there are multiple ways to answer this question, but I'll just share my way. These steps don't have to be particular to any one field/industry. ,nMarket Research:,,Summarize what your idea/concept is (in this case, for your startup),What is your idea?,Who would benefit from it,Why they would benefit,How you plan on making money from this

how to make vietnamese coffee,What is the recipe for making egg coffee?

It so simple u2026u2026..,U have to just boil egg and have to serve it ur beloving buffalow and then next day takeout milk from her and boil that milk and then add one spoon of coffeeu2026..,Ur coffee is ready u2026..u can enjoy ur coffee u2026hope this coffee give u some energy to think u better thingsud83dude12

Whatu2019s the difference between interest compounded annually and simple interest?

The difference between the two is that in compounding the interest is calculated on interest as well as on the principal amount. Accordingly, the amount of interest increases every compounding cycle.,On the other hand, in simple interest, the interest rate is applied only on the principal amount, resulting in the same amount of interest throughout

What is strategic management?

Strategic management requires reflection on the processes and procedures within the organization as well as external factors that may impact how the company functions.,In this pic, you can see the process of strategic control.,The Objectives of strategic management requires.,Establish a clear and specific goal,Makes The Plan Commercial,Foundation F

How does artificial intelligence affect human life?

Nou2026 and a lot of people donu2019t understand why.,In the next few decades/centuries, superintelligent AI could quite possibly take over the world. The surface benefits of such a technology would be almost unimaginable: end to scarcity, all problems solved, heaven on Earth, paradiseu2026 well, all of that is possible.,And yetu2026 problems arise

time difference philippines and germany,Which is the last country to celebrate new year?

The Pacific island of Tonga is first to ring in the New Year and celebrated at 10am GMT on December 31 - making the tiny island nation the first to head into a fresh year.,Baker Island and Howland Island will see the New Year at 12pm GMT on January 1 u2013 but as it's uninhabited, we tend to forget about it.,Second to last will be American Samoa at

how to know if the corn is cooked,What are some recipes for cooking corn on the cob?

How about four ways?,My favorite way to cook and eat sweet corn used to be roasted on the grill. Iu2019ve been doing it that way since I was a kid. nnPeel off several layers of husk until youu2019re down to just a few soft pale layers, then pull that back to expose the kernels so that you can twist most of the silk off, then cover it again with the

How many satellites has SpaceX launched in 2022?

Surprisingly - itu2019s VERY hard to count.,The problem is that they launch a lot of micro-satellites. The tiny ones - the size of a loaf of bread - or cube-sats that are 10cm x 10cm x 10cm cubes or nano-satellites that are even smaller.,SpaceX contract with companies that specialize in this kind of thing - and those companies make contraptions suc

chicken mushroom pasta recipe healthy,Will a mushroom pasta, that I cooked with double cream, last overnight in the fridge and how should I reheat it?

Good news. Your double cream mushroom pasta would have survived quite nicely, though a bit dehydrated and probably has become very likely a solid mass.,(from Errenu2019s Kitchen),First off, I would recommend reheating it ON THE STOVE and NOT THE MICROWAVE. Sure you could microwave it, but it would have to be with extreme care.,You see, when you hea

how to bend text in photoshop cc,How do I bend text in After Effects?

There are many effects you can use to bend text in After Effects,,1st way: By using the CC Bend It Effect, you can bend the text you want based on the start and end positions, I recommend using this effect with masks.,This is how it looks like with a mask applied on the u2018Tu2019,2nd way: CC Bender; a slightly different approach to the 1st method

What is the acceptable value for standard deviation?

The question is unanswerable, as it depends on the scale of the measure, the field of study, what other scales exist, and so on.,For the simplest problem, changing the scale of measurement changes the SD without changing the u201cacceptabilityu201d at all.