different kinds of pastries recipes,In France, we have this silly yet national debate over a pastrys name. Is there something like this in your country and, if yes, about what?

>>In France, we have this silly yet national debate over a pastry's name. Is there something like this in your country and, if yes, about what?,First, which pastry? Names/pictures would be appreciated. Samples moreso. :),OKu2026different names for the same thing?,Hmmmmu2026we have arguments over calling grilling meat u201cbarbecueu201d, which

What are some examples of monopsony market?

A monopsony is a market with one buyer, many sellers, and no close substitute for the good in question.,It is hard to find markets that fully meet this description. Examples of government procurement, like military hardware, usually donu2019t meet the requirement for many sellers. There are only 3 firms in the US that are capable of making a fighte

Is QuickBooks online better than the QuickBooks desktop?

Ever since the online version of the popular QuickBooks was introduced in 2000, business owners have grappled with one question: Which version is right for me?,Early adopters (i.e. people who have been using QuickBooks Desktop since the 1990s) wonder if they should switch while individuals who are new to QuickBooks are often unsure which version th

best camera phone 2019 philippines,Which smartphone has the best camera in 2020?

My answer is relevant as of June 2020:,Huawei P40 Pro: The P40 Pro has superb cameras, but itu2019s not the best phone out there in terms of other specs, itu2019s the best photography experience you can get on a smartphone right now, for anyone who wants the absolute best camera they can fit in their pocket. It boasts of specs like 5G, 50MP imaging

modern wallpaper interior design,What simple features make a kitchen look more modern?

Nowadays, decorating your room has become a fashion so that you can design and decorate your room in a modern style. Everything in your kitchen room plays an important role to decorate a room but the first impression of a person goes to the wall of your room.,So to make your first impression as a last impression you can add modern wallpaper for wal

teriyaki chicken thigh recipe,What are some great chicken thigh recipes?

I like to throw some in a baking dish with sliced courgette, chunks of bell pepper, quartered onions and cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle over salt and pepper and some oregano and some good quality olive oil, give it all a good mix together and bake until done. Remove everything from the dish and de-glaze with White wine, then add some good quality chicke

Which Western European nation is the safest place?

Most if not all of them are among the safest places in the world.,In the list of countries by intentional homicide rateu2014which is a very good indicator of all kinds of violent crime, including terrorismu2014Western European countries like Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Switzerland are safer than the

how to make empanada dough for frying,How do you make empanadas?

Making your own empanadas is actually quite easy! I'll give you a recipe for one of my favorite fillings, carne desmechada y frijoles refritos (shredded beef and refried beans feel free to use the meat of your choice:)),Ingredientes:,2 cans pinto or kidney beans,1 large onion,5 cloves of garlic,2 fresh jalapeu00f1os,2 tsp dried mexican oru00e9gano,