Which is better to study, a BSc or a BTech?

we canu2019t compare the courses, which one better. Both B. Tech and B. Sc. have their own merits and de- merits. It depends entirely on the studentu2019s areas of interest and skills before choosing either of the courses. B. Tech is engineering and B. Sc. is bachelor degree in science. Thus, it is advisable to first chalk out your skills, aptitude

Whats a good example of the utilitarian theory?

Mandatory vaccination is a clear example. In most cases, we donu2019t give parents a choice (i.e., we limit their autonomy) because having everyone (or nearly everyone) vaccinated is an easy method to achieve very very good outcomes (eradicating communicable diseases or keeping them gone).

What should one consider while writing a mission statement?

Here's a post I wrote on the subject (How Good Is Your Teamu2019s Vision/Mission Statement?) and you can also check out 20+ of My Favorite Vision & Mission StatementsNote: I use "Vision" and "Mission" statements interchangeably for the purpose of this post. ,What is a Vision/Mission Statement?,A vision/mission statement is a single sentence that ex

bedroom design with computer desk,What are some space saving hacks for bedrooms?

Small bedroom does not have to be crowded and messy, on the contrary, if you make good use of, it will show you a surprising comfort, space and beauty.,In order to save floor space, you can have shelves or cabinets set up on the walls. .,Some hacks to maximize your limited space!,Towels having behind the door,Bedside table + desk,Vertical hanger fo

How small is Sylvester Stallone in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Hereu2019s the tale of the tape. Sylvester Stallone is reportedly 5u2032 9u00bd" or 1.77 m. Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be 6u20322u2033 or 1.88 m. The math is a difference of 4u00bd" or 11.43 cm. Here are photos of the pair side by side. If the pair seem to be closer in height, itu2019s probably due to Sylvester wearing shoes with a heel.,Look

What is the u201cdeveloping countryu201d status?

1.Developing country status ensures special and differential treatment (S&DT) or provisions which allow them more time to implement agreements and commitments.,2.It includes measures to increase trading opportunities, safeguard their trade interests, and support to build capacity to handle disputes and implement technical standards.,3.These provisi

black spider dream meaning,How touristy is the Black Sea coast of Turkey?

Dear Tufshini Dash the Black Sea Coastals are the hidden treasures of Turkey. If you have time and intend to come do it. I will put here some pictures from the Black Sea Coastals. ( Far warning i should write all beaches which i put here their pictures are on the Black Sea !!! ) I try to put all pictures with sort from West to East.,I hope you enjo

What is fossil fuel and why it is so called?

Coal is fossilized woody material.,In this piece of low-grade coal you can actually see recognizable carbonized woody fragments. One is at the center on the bottom edge.,The problem with petroleum is it moves. So while itu2019s most likely the source is marine organisms, we can find oil in fractured crystalline rocks as well. Petroleum is made up l

finger food hors d oeuvres recipes,What are some party finger foods?

Depends on how fancy it is.,For casual parties, pretty of things in the foil bags like chips, Cheetos, hard pretzels. Thereu2019s also cooked things like Buffalo wings, french fries, onion rings, chicken fingers, sliders, pizza,For fancier parties, Hors Du2019oueves like bruschetta, egg rolls, deviled eggs, pigs in a blanket, spanakopita, mini quic

What are the four types of risk mitigation?

The four types of risk controls (avoidance, reduction, sharing, retention) primarily apply to the Finance (Insurance & Banking) Industry, where Risks are focussed almost exclusively on their financial impact.,However in the broader context of risk management such as in Public Safety, Emergency Management, Protective Security, Crisis Management, Bus

tornado dream meaning,What do storms in dreams mean?

Storms in dreams mean emotional upset. You are experiencing something in your waking life that upsets you emotionally.,Come to terms with the upset before the storm u201cbreaksu201d and engulfs you. You have time to do something about whatever threatens you, although you only have a glimmer of light to enable you to see what to do about it.,I used

What is the easiestcheapest business to start from home (like cleaning, for example)?

How about thisu2026 a few years ago, I was driving through Charlotte NC, returning from a job. I know nothing more about this business then the 1 billboard I saw. u201cyukkou2019s we pick up your dogs poop because you donu2019t want to.u201d,Good God, I love this country! America the land of opportunity!,With covid, my business has tanked. I have b

What is ceramic?

Ceramic word comes from Greek word u201ckeramikosu201d, it means Burnt stuff or Drinking vessel .,Ceramic is an organic compound and it consists of metal or semi metal and non metals. Ceramic may be partially crystalline or fully crystalline compound. Based on the arrangement of atoms in ceramic , ceramic materials can be two types .,1.crystalline

What is the non-crystalline form of carbon?

There really isnu2019t one, since carbon prefers to be arranged in graphite rings and will link up of its own accord whenever possible. Even wood charcoal consists mainly of broken graphite rings. The hotter the charcoal cooking process, the more complete graphite rings it contains. Lamp black may be the most amorphous form.

mental health examples pictures,What are some pictures that changed your point of view?

You see the pigeons in the image. This is a roof in my neighborhood, across the street, in front of my balcony. An old person feeds these pigeons every morning. My balcony is in such a way that it gets shade most of the times in a hot day, and I have tied a metal wire in balcony for the purpose of drying-up of my washed clothes. Everyday pigeons en

dream interpretation crossing a river,Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

Absolutely, Christmas is in the same practical category as Good Friday and the Nativity. Permit a little time to express my point about all this in order to substantiate the distinction from history and the culture that has surrounded theses events, which is deception.,Jesus did not die on a Friday, in fact He died on a Wednesday.,GOOD FRIDAYGood F