best camera settings for canon 700d,Which one is better, the Canon 700D or 60D? Why?

"Better for what?",They're very similar on some specs. The 700D has the same basic sensor, and the focusing system from the 60D. However, DxOMark's tests rate the 60D over the 700D in terms of image quality... so clearly, they're not exactly the same 18Mpixel sensor. They also find about 18% lower noise at high ISOs with the 60D vs. the 700D. It co

What are some things that need to be said about K-Pop andor unpopular opinions?

IF YOUu2019RE BORED, RANDOMLY SCROLLING THROUGH QUORA, PLS STOP FOR A MOMENT AND JUST GIVE THIS ANSWER A READ, BECAUSE IN MY OPINION THIS TOPIC REALLY NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.I usually donu2019t beg for reads, in fact, Iu2019ve never begged for reads before but I just really feel that some people need to take a moment and read what Iu2019ve got to sa

how to make cookies from scratch,How do you make cookie dough from scratch without eggs?

I am sharing chocochip cookie try it ots delicious. And give me feed back after making,,2 cup- white whole wheat flor,,1 tea spn - baking powder,,2/4 tean spn - baking soda,,1/2 tea spn - salt,,1 cup - chocochip,,1 cup brown sugar/ normal sugar,,1/2 cup - extra vergin olive oil.,Portion -15 cookies,Cooking time -15 to 20 min.,In a bowl mix wheat fl

how much is gordon ramsay worth,Can a chef be a millionaire?

A good friend of mine lives in a small Hampshire (UK) village where (I am told) Gordon Ramsey used to own a house. My friend adores Gordon Ramsey. She canu2019t get enough of him on TV - especially when he says the F-word.,I was visiting her one weekend. It was about lunch time and I was eating in a local pub with my friend and a group of about sev

how to organize kitchen pantry,How do I eat cheap at home?

Hello.,Congratulations on your new journey into becoming a home cook!,It is a job. It can be a joy. You will have more control over the wholesomeness of the ingredients in what you eat. You will get accustomed to the responsibilities. You will be operating as a real adult. You will have more control of your budget.,,A few principles: Get a notebook

Hi. Is 10 days spotting considered a period? I always spot 3 days before my period starts and my period usually lasts 5-7 days. Last month, I was just spotting for 10 days, no period till now (a month later).

Like to understand more speak about it with your doctor referral to a gynaecologist has all the ans.trained not just for babies women's issues.everyone is different and some in shocking pain each month causing difficulties endometoritist think its called later conceiving harder so talk ask your curiosity with right doctor. Dont be embarrassed but w

Why are you working in the government sector and not the private sector?

I chose to work in the government sector because I believed in the importance of doing the work for the people. I was a conservationist dedicated to protecting our natural resources. That kind of job doesnu2019t really exist in the private sector where the priority always comes down to earning money to do a task, provide a service, or sell somethin

how to make indian mango chutney,What can you make with green tomatoes?

Green tomato pakoras (Indian fritters), to be served with mint or coriander chutney. Actually, a variety of pakoras makes a meal -- onion, zucchini, eggplant, potato, ripe tomato, whole chilis, and a mixed-shredded vegetable combination, and a couple more chutneys (a spicy mango chutney and a sweet red tomato chutney come to mind.) n

how many minutes to cook fries,How do I cook steak in a pan?

Iu2019m not sure why another answer says you canu2019t cook a steak in a pan. Some people prefer the smokey flavor you get from a grill, and a broiler is definitely more efficient for high volume, but sauteeing/pan-roasting lets you infuse the meat with butter, garlic and herbs and leaves you a delicious fond on the bottom of the pan to make your p

How do you currently find a realtor?

Go to Redfin, find open houses that you like and talk to the realtors hosting them. You can see them 'in action'. You need to be a bit careful, as they are also trying to 'sell' that place, but is a good way to meet them in person easily.,Get a referral from someone who has recently purchased.

Who were the most brilliant students amongst the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and what subjects and skills were they very excellent at? Could you also suggest examples of their learning skills, practice and special stories of their application?

Everyone had their own skills.,They died fighting for such things like who is most brilliant and still after so many years people are still thinking about the same as who is powerful, brilliant, best, etc.,I guess Balrama was the best who did not choose to participate in war.,Reason : Thr side of Balrama would win so itu2019s better he is out at fi

Why non renewable resources important?

What is the importance of non-renewable resources?We need them till we can replace them. Itu2019s going to take another 15 years for solar, wind, waste to fuels, EVu2019s and hydro to be up to the levels needed to replace fossils.