affordable phone with good specs,Which is the best budget Android phone?

Hello, Your Question is What is the best budget phone We running a Website-site called reviewbuypro here we do research on a product any type of product electronics home kitchen and many more. also, we have uploaded a post on this topic you can check it on google just type reviewbuypro and your question from my side which type of budget phone you n

how to make bread without yeast,How do I make bread without yeast or milk?

Bread does not contain milk. The ingredients for normal bread are flour, water, yeast and salt.,If you want to make bread without yeast, you can make soda bread, but that uses a different kind of flour and sour milk.,The acid in the sour milk forms bubbles with the soda. Try using baking powder instead of soda if you leave out the sour milk.

no bake cookies no peanut butter,What are some good recipes for no bake cookies?

NO BAKE CHOCOLATE OATMEAL COOKIES n2 c. sugar n1/2 c. evaporated milk n1 stick oil n4 tbsp. cocoa nBoil for 1 1/2 minutes. Add: n1/2 c. peanut butter n3 c. oats n1/2 tsp. vanilla nDrop on waxpaper by spoonfuls or put in cake pan and cut into squares. nNO BAKE SUGAR COOKIES n1/2 c. milk n1/2 c. butter n2 c. sugar nBring above ingredients to a boil f

How do I find my IP address on Windows 10?

Ipconfig,This command will tell you the IP assigned to your PC (usually your local LAN IP unless you are not behind a NAT), the subnet mask and the default gateway (the IP of your router),If you are behind a NAT (behind a router), this command will only tell you your LAN IP, not your WAN (Internet) IP, in order to see your WAN IP, you wonu2019t be

How can you tell if someone blocked you on Facebook?

Logout of Facebook,Search from Google in Facebook: gus younis,Once you found the account you want, copy the URL,Login again,Paste the URL,If you got this message u201cSorry, this content isn't available right now,u201d then you my friend have been blocked.

Why do YouTubers never tell their real earnings to their subscribers?

It was never a rule haha, that was all made up, this is the real reason:,YouTube does pay a lot of money once youu2019re at a certain bracket, if you have fans asking how much you make, youu2019re probably making a lot.,They wonu2019t tell because 1, itu2019s just personal, people at a big corporation most likely wonu2019t tell you how much they ma

You have seen a job advertisement on the internet and have decided to apply for it. How do you read the advertisement and write your job application letter?

JOB ADVERTISEMENTUnilever Hungary has a vacancy for a Junior Sales Manager to work in the area of sales and marketing, particularly with our household product lines. Applicants should have previous experience in the area of sales and marketing, as well as an excellent command of English, appropriate computer skills, and a full current driving licen

What is Direct Democracy?

Direct democracy is where a decision that affects a group of people is developed and decided by that group. It presupposes a deliberative process, of putting forward proposals, hearing what others have to say, and debating the pros and cons, if there isnu2019t simply a direct consensus. An example of direct democracy would be a union meeting in a u

how to substitute sour cream for milk,Iu2019m into baking as a hobby and I want to start making the baked goods healthier. Can I substitute oil for yogurtsour cream, and if so, how much liquid in recipe do I need to reduce?

It depends on the recipe. Sometimes you can substitute and sometimes not. But it's worth the effort to figure this out what will work for different recipes.,I suggest you instead of substituting oil, try to substitute flour first with whole wheat flour, and sugar with honey or maple syrup for example.