Who is the most disgusting serial killer that not many people know about?

In the u201960s in Sydney a serial killer was stalking the city killing homeless men and leaving their bodies in the park but cutting off their genitals. They died from multiple stab wounds, usually 30 to 40 before being left castrated and naked around the city.,On the 2nd of June 1962 , the killer, William Macdonald sat in the lunch room of the Po

How often should couples in a long distance relationship talk to each other?

There is no hard and fast rule on how often a couple in long distance relationship should talk to each other! It depends upon the people who are in the relationship, their time-difference, their job shifts, their lives, their priorities and a lot of other things that dominate our lives! Let me give you my example - ,I am in a long distance relation

cell phone that has a good camera,What is the best budget camera phone for 2017?

Definitely get the OnePlus 3 or 3T ($400u2013480). I see people saying that the iPhone SE is a better option. This is probably true for the few people who literally just take selfies with a rear camera. The OnePlus 3/3T has a better front facing camera (and it's 8MP as well), you also get a better rear camera if you spend an extra second to prep th

how to add text in lightroom mobile,What are some must have Android apps?

Many of the apps listed in the Play Store as the u201cMust Haveu201d are there due to advertising, bogus reviews, or has a useless free version that is nothing but a tease.But I was curious to find REALLY the most useful android apps that everyone must have, those that will ease my life or improve my productivity without any cost.,The apps youu2019

Is it a bad time to be looking for a job considering the economic situation in India?

I abruptly left my previous job in April, without any offer in hand. A lot of people told me that my decision to resign without an offer was a wrong one, considering the current economic situation and unemployment scenario. I knew I was taking a big risk, but I knew it was time for me to move on.,I was unemployed for three months in total. I took t

How does Quora use machine learning in 2015?

One of the reasons I was excited to join Quora as VP of Engineering was how important machine learning was for the company's success. As of 2015, machine learning approaches are used extensively in many different parts of the Quora product. Most of these applications were in place before I joined. However, we are constantly coming up with new appro

How much does a 1BR apartment cost to rent?

Thatu2019s an impossible question to answer without more context.,When I lived in rural, Appalachian Virginia, I rented a one bedroom house for $400 a month. I could have gotten a one-bedroom apartment in the same small town for $330 a month. Now, this was ten years ago, so maybe add 10u201320% to those prices, but thatu2019s what the cheapest hous

How is 10th ICSE board percentage calculated?

The procedure for calculating 10th I.C.SE. board examination percentage is pretty simple.,You might be shocked to know that physics, chemistry and biology have the least weightage in percentage.So, I should first tell you that you all are studying only 6 subjects and they are u2014,MathematicsComputer/ P.ed. ( Optinal subject )Hindi ( Regional lang