easy pork dishes for dinner,What list of dishes can a Muslim eat in a non-halal restaurant (assuming there are non-alcoholic drinks and non-pork dishes served there)?

Salam,,All types of sea food and veggies/fruits.,Regarding the above, make sure the oil being used to cook the food is not also cooking other haram meats, the Islamic scholars say if it is a mainly based sea food restaurant, i.e. sushi, then you donu2019t have to ask, see fatwa:,See fatwa on all sea food being halal:,avoid eating haram meat, the on

Is it true that Saudis are lazy and dont want to work hard?

This is a common stereotype about Gulf Arabs in general and the answer is:,Sort of but not reallyUntil recently most companies in the Gulf needed to be 51% owned by a Gulf citizen. Except in certain cases, the UAE notably allowed 100% foreign ownership within its free zones like Jebel Ali Free Zone.,End of 51 per cent Emirati ownership rule 'will g

Why is environmental sustainability so important to teach to our children?

Todayu2019s children are tomorrowu2019s adults.,The ideas that we inculcate in our children will guide their entire lives.,The environment, society and economy are interconnected . Environmental sustainability will assist in improving the other two and leading to a better tomorrow than today.,Personally, I want my children to live in a better world

What is an organizational chart?

An organizational chart is a graphic that depicts a company's internal structure by outlining the roles, responsibilities, and interactions among personnel inside the organization. Organizational charts can show a company's overall operations or drill down to a specific department or unit.,An employee's hierarchical rank in relation to other person

Where can I find business insurance?

It depends on your location where you are staying right now.,The 7 Best Small Business Insurance Companies of 2021 are:State Far BEST OVERALL,Hiscox BEST FOR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS,Nationwide BEST GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE,The Hartford BEST WORKERSu2019 COMPENSATION,Travelers BEST COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INSURANCE,Liberty Mutual BEST BUSINESS OWNERS

coca cola ranking in beverage industry,Why is Dasani banned in UK?

There used to be a hugely popular comedy television programme in Britain called Only Fools and Horses in which a family of lovable swindlers were always looking for ways to make some dishonest money. In one famous episode Del Boy came up with a scheme in which they would bottle their local (Peckham) tap water and flog it as fancy designer mineral w

different types of flash drives,What are some common applications for a flash drive?

The terms u201chard driveu201d or u201cdriveu201d are often used to simply designate an abstract storage device. Two examples of this trend are the solid-state hard drive and the flash drive. The solid-state hard drive is not a u201chard driveu201d in the original meaning of the word because it has no moving parts and the data is not stored on a ma

best camera for fashion bloggers,What type of cameras can we use for photography?

This camera that beats other cameras in innovation and technology by a thousand Milestones. In an Ocean of cameras which do the same, feel the same and produce the same results this has set new benchmarks.,This is Fujifilm x100F. 24 MP compact mirrorless camera10 Quick unique points why this is masterpiece & a revolution in Photography,This comes w

gordon ramsay wife masterchef,Would Gordon Ramsay, Alton Brown or any other chef buy clearance food (that has a week left till it expires) to cook for their family or their restaurants?

I have no clue about what Gordon Ramsay or Alton Brown does in their home kitchen. Neither does anyone else on Quora, I would presume, unless their name is Gordon Ramsay or Alton Brown.,However, speaking for myself, I wouldn't buy food that is about to expire for my restaurant, only because prepped food needs to last for a while. I do buy near-expi

new zealand time to philippine time,As a police officer, have you ever encountered someone who turned out to be far more dangerous than you expected?

While serving as a detective, in Shetland, I received a notification that paramedics were attending a stabbing incident, in Scalloway harbour. The victim was fading fast, we were told. My colleague and I made our way there, some 5 miles from our offices, in Lerwick. We arrived quickly and paramedics rolled up at almost the same instant we did.,Whil

What questions should you ask at the end of an interview?

I use 3 questions which always establish rapport and grant me favor with interviewers. The 3 questions are:,If you could design the ideal candidate for this position from the ground up, what skills and traits would they contain?,In the next 6 months in the company and industry, what are you most excited about,In the next 6 months, whatu2019s the bi

quotes about food and love,What are some unique Instagram theme page ideas?

There are so many various Instagram themes you can create, for example, borders or no borders, light or dark, puzzle or rainbow, etc. Keep in mind that your Instagram theme is a reflection of who you are and what you love. This is the first thing that the ideal followers will see.,PRO TIP: You can use Preview App to design your Instagram feed.,Here

Are Johnny Depps parents still alive?

Except his initial accent, he can also change his accent according to the exact character.,Sleepy Hollow: Scotland accent,Libertine: graceful British accent,Don Juan Demarco: very very Mexico and Spanish :D,and so onu2026u2026 of course the pirate also has his specific accent,actually he will hire an accent coach before a movie startu2026 so his cu

selfie ring light with tripod stand,What are the best TikTok lights?

LED Ring lights with stand are the best for quality videos, you can get them on amazon or flipcartu2026or you can also do tik toks during golden hour.I am also mentioning the top ten lights and on what basis you should buy them(I am not mentioning u201cTHE BESTu201d because opinions changes from person to person) for your reference purpose.,MOST IM

3 cups all purpose flour in grams,What are some super easy ladoo recipes?

A2A by Nandita Mathur.,Here there are some super easy Laddu recipes.,1. Besan Laddu:Take one cup of besan (Bengal gram flour) and roast it in half cup of ghee (clarified butter) until it becomes pale reddish brown in color and gives good aroma.,After cooling add to it 3/4 cup of powdered sugar and elaichi (cardamom) powder made with 4-6 cardamoms.,