Can you digitally sign a document in Microsoft Word?

What do you mean by u201cfreeu201d?,Either you pay for the service, or you put some energy in it.,For the first option, you can become an E-residence of Estonia.,For the second option, join cacert, and become an assurer yourself.

How do I earn bitcoins without any investments?

If you keep looking, all you are going to find is scams. They love people with that combination of greed and gullibility. It makes them incredibly easy to con out of money.,Instead, start investing. Fandoms is a good choice for beginners. Fandoms is a platform that presents a powerful opportunity for all content creators u2013 amateur, up-and-comin

What is the most diverse country in nature in the world?

This place stretches for 3000 km in length and width.,7th largest, but nothing compares what it contains.,This is India.,India speaks about 800 languages, about which 20 are major, and each differs from the other. Apart from Hindi,,You have Kashmiri, Punjabi, Urdu, Dogri, Pahari, Rajasthani, Sindhi in the North.,Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, in the t

prayer to find a good husband,What are the best Christian jokes ever?

A priest was trying to feel up a nun and was touching her thigh. The nun suddenly shouts.,u201cFather! Psalms 69!u201dThe priest immediately apologizes and goes on his way.,When he gets to his room, he gets curious about passage that the nun cited. He opens the Bible and finds the passage. It reads:,Go higher and you will find glory(Note: Thatu2019

aesthetic minimalist drawing,What is the best way to learn how to draw?

Draw a lot. nDon't be precious about materials. Don't use fancy art board or moleskines. Get a big newsprint pad or a stack of cheap legal pads from Staples. You want to draw as much and as quickly as possible, without being worried about wasting expensive paper.,Draw fearlessly. nUse a pen or Sharpie. No erasers, no correcting fluid. Fill the page

kinds of appetizer with pictures,What are the best go-to appetizers for a dinner party?

When I think about appetizers, they are always in the context of how they will be served. I like to refer to the three common methods as plated, seated, and drive-by:,Plated: an appetizer course served to guests already seated around a formally set table.,Seated: appetizers served from a central location to guests who are mingling but have access t

What is the worst thing someone has said to you about yourself?

In real life or on Quora?,In real life what rumour can they possibly spread about me?,Outside my immediate circle of family, relatives and friends, no one knows me or even notices me. I would be honoured to know that there is a rumour being spread about me!,But here on Quora, most of you must have heard about these terrible rumours :,I have the sol

What is the importance of advertising in social media for business?

Advertising in social media is an often overlooked but highly effective method to advertise. It can be used to connect with current followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Advertising in social media allows the company the opportunity to reach potential new customers through targeted advertising campaigns. For example, promoting you

What are some tips for providing good customer service?

Here are some:,,Invest in relationships,Show your personality whenever possible,Donu2019t drown customers in platitudes,Warn about trouble spots or price hikes in advance,If you want your customers to feel better afterwards, start with the bad news.,Keep your cool in all situations,Use buffers before bad news,Recommend your competitor

What does the Russia-China alliance mean for the U.S?

Russia - China public alliance began after World War 2. Russia supported Mao against Chun Kai Chi. Mao would have lost without Stalinu2019s help. Richard Nixon saw the opportunity when the relationship broke up after Stalinu2019s death. There were even military confrontation in Russiau2019s Far East with Chinese. Russians killed hundreds of Chinese