What is accounting standard?

Accounting standards are those standards which are used for financial reporting and are authoritative in nature. They are the primary source of generally accepted accounting principles also known as GAAP.,These standards specify how transactions and other events are to be recognized, measured, presented and disclosed in financial statements.,Object

ingredients of burger bun,How does bun dough differ from bread dough?

If youu2019re thinking of soft, slightly sweet, brioche style buns as opposed to lean bread doughs, the buns include ingredients like butter, milk, sugar and eggs. Soft dinner rolls are an example of such an enriched dough. One of my favorite recipes for this type of bun is the classic Parker House Roll. depending on how you shape it, you can use t

kinds of appetizer with pictures,What are the best go-to appetizers for a dinner party?

When I think about appetizers, they are always in the context of how they will be served. I like to refer to the three common methods as plated, seated, and drive-by:,Plated: an appetizer course served to guests already seated around a formally set table.,Seated: appetizers served from a central location to guests who are mingling but have access t

u shaped kitchen with island dimensions,Whats the standard size of a kitchen in India?

Kitchen planning is one of the most difficult planning of the house. Planning a kitchen well makes the house look better. It is a normal observation that a kitchen has been squeezed into the house. It is on some edge of the living room with very little air-conditioning. There are not sufficient furniture to keep all the material. So here is how we

What is a gold standard? Can you explain it with an example?

u201cGold Standardu201d for a currency means that at least one, and usually both, of the following facts is true,One or more of the coins used is MINTED in gold, or a gold-containing alloy, and thus has at least the intrinsic value of the gold contained in it.,The state, or the central bank, GUARANTEES that other (non-gold-containing) coins or bank

oil and vinegar marinade for chicken,How do I make a marinade for beef?

Itu2019s pretty easy. Virtually ANY liquid mix could be a marinade, but there are usually a few rules to follow:,RULE ONE - BREAK IT DOWN(from YouTube),You need something in the liquid that will BREAK DOWN the beef to tenderize it. Hereu2019s what I would recommend.,SALT - Something salty like actual salt (sea salt or kosher is best, avoid table sa

How can I access the Google currency converter API?

Google donu2019t have official API, still you can scrape using scrapy or selenium or any other related tools.,I would advice you to go though How do I get currency exchange rates via an API such as Google Finance?Or

feng shui pond in front of house,Have you ever asked someone (who later passed away) to give you proof of an afterlife? For example, a wordgesture that only you two would know. And did you get the proof?

In 2002, my partner died suddenly. She stood up and fell. The doctor in the ER told me she had passed before she hit the floor.,I was completely numb from the loss. I felt like there was nothing below my feet and I was in free fall. The day of the funeral came and my home was still filled with family. I hadnu2019t slept in days.,My house was u201ct

simple interior design for small house,Why do you want to make money? Is getting rich the ultimate goal of a person? How will it help you? What will you achieve?

So that I can buy all of the below things:,A scenic backyard rain shower for those hot summer daysn,Source: Home DesignnThis bookshelf, which opens up to reveal a hidden roomu2026n,Source: ...Let's have dessert...nu2026inside are more books and a secret storage compartment beneath the bedn,A four sided Lego wall with unlimited potential for creativ

baked stuffed potatoes with bacon,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

Well, i just made these stuff to get down my hunger because of unavailability of a good cook in our area . I did experiments with these stuff and yeah I have seen how my mom cooks food and seen how these things are made. Although, my family is pure veg but I used to eat non- veg so I experimented on them and made them yummy and delicious.,Itu2019s

hors d oeuvres examples recipes,What is the most interesting fact about Russian cuisine?

We in Russia have an old affinity with portable food. Namely, thousands of variations of fillings wrapped in dough and prepared in an oven.,The Russian piru00f3g is a pie that is usually entirely closed.,Our love of pirogu00ed comes from the use of big Russian ovens for cooking. They are very energy-efficient but cumbersome to fire up. Also, they d

fast food stores near me open now,What is the future of food delivery?

Okay, I wonu2019t present an in-depth, logical analysis of the system. But I just thought more people needs to know about this little wonder coming from my u201cthird-worldu201d, developing, massively populated, relatively obscure country.,Go-JekIf you look at the traffic in Indonesia, or I think also most other developing countries, there are more

Which are the best tools about email marketing automation?

I suggest HelpCrunch. Itu2019s perfect for engagement, onboarding and support.,Thereu2019s a very good article on free-to-paid onboarding with specific tips and examples on how you can build a successful email messagging campaign.,We offer email automation so that you can build a sequence of effective personalized messages that convert.,P.S. You ca

sky blue color combination,How many ordered color combinations are possible if you have 5 red buttons, 2 blue buttons, 6 green buttons, and 3 white buttons?

I am not on good terms with generating functions, but will try nevertheless. The generating function is,(1+x+x^2+x^3+x^4+x^5)(1+x+x^2)(1+x+x^2+x^3+x^4+x^5+x^6)(1+x+x^2+x^3).Normally this is useful when we are making choices of a fixed size. That is not the case in this question, so we simply replace each x with 1 and get 504 possibilities. Do we wa