How can I get sponsored on Instagram for free?

There is no rocket science process for creating Instagram ads. it follows a similar process the way you create Facebook ads. You just need to ensure while selecting the placement you only choose Instagram as placement.,The second thing you really need to be careful about image/video aspect. Instagram has different image aspect so do ensure you have

What is Direct Democracy?

Direct democracy is where a decision that affects a group of people is developed and decided by that group. It presupposes a deliberative process, of putting forward proposals, hearing what others have to say, and debating the pros and cons, if there isnu2019t simply a direct consensus. An example of direct democracy would be a union meeting in a u

how many minutes to bake a bread,Can you discuss the steps in bread making?

Well first you bloom the yeast in water or milk(depending on what kind of bread you are making),Next you mix the flour, salt, and sugar.,Once the yeast is bloomed you mix the yeast mixture with the flour mixture(If making enriched bread add butter and eggs here as well),Mix until combined into a cohesive mass.,Knead dough adding flour until easy to

classic banana bread recipe,What is the healthy recipe for banana bread?

There are many truly excellent recipes in many natural cookbooks. I can only recommend using some whole grain flours as part of the ingredients, and always use fully ripe bananas (truly soft and black!) as they have the best flavor and will mix quite easily. It is up to you to find your personal taste for the types of sugar or honey, or possibly a

Now that the US Government has mandated COVID-19 infection & mortality figures from hospitals be sent directly to the Trump Administration, rather than to the CDC, can this be considered suppression of information?

Hey Edward!,While every other government in the world does its stinking best to suppress the virus, the Trump regime will now be suppressing information about the virus.,Thatu2019s what is basically going on here. Rest assured that Team Klanrunt aka administration will be more than tempted to manipulate the coronavirus statistics from this day on.,

Why is the Nasdaq down today?

The treasury yield is increased by the federal reserve. To stock prices as per Warren Buffet, treasury yield is like gravity. Increasing the yield attracts the stock prices downwards.,NASDAQ is heavily geared towards tech which is the most free flying sector ( lots of speculation and low dividend payouts) and the most heavily affected.

Which education qualifications or degrees help us to get a job?

Please do not educate yourself for Job. Never. Check what are your interest areas. What you enjoy learning, reading and doing.,Time has gone when Indians used to think become Engineer and Doctor and you are done. All jobs are equally respectful and paying at almost same level for deserving and experienced resources.,Educate yourself to gain knowled

how to cook garlic butter shrimp,If you only had three more days to live and could theoretically eat 10 "gut busting" meals until you perished, what would you eat?

Day 1:,Traditional Gyros nExtra Tzatziki SaucenLamb KebobsnBattered Onion Rings nBanana Milkshake,Sumgum Wonton SoupnCrab RagoonnSteamed DumplingsnBoneless Spare RibsnGeneral Tsou2019s ShrimpnShrimp w/ Spicy Garlic SaucenHappy Family ( Hold the Pork and Baby Corn extra Water Chesnuts )nPork, Crab, and Egg Fried Rice ( Extra Green Onions ) nCherry G

garlic butter chicken recipe,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

I am currently in my 3rd year of MBBS. Hostel food can get really bad in specific days(Mondays, Thursdays) and hence, you need to cook food in order to survive. Its actually more fun than dining out at restaurants. The cooking in hostel is accompanied by all sort of khattis(chitchats) which(I feel) makes the food more delicious.,I will share few pi