industrial interior design,What are some good online interior design courses?

If you are a creative person who loves beautiful spaces, then a career in interior design may just be right for you! A world of opportunities awaits those with the right skills and aptitude for designing a home, office, hospitality, or retail interiors. Does this sound like something youu2019d like to explore? You can channel your creativity in the

lemon garlic butter chicken,What is Kittie Eubanks favorite meal to cook for guests?

Why, Mr. Hopper! Have you finally broken your question-silence?,I am truly honored to be the subject of your very first question on Quora. Thank you!!,In fact, the u00fcber-hub and I were discussing this last night.,His dad and stepmother are coming to town the week of Thanksgiving and will be at our home for dinner one night.,One must always consi

simple no bake blueberry cheesecake,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

It's been two years that I started to cook. Before that I couldn't even make my tea. Since then I am absolutely in love with cooking! Here are a few pictures!,Daal tadka with jeera Rice,Olive and cheese balls,Pizzzzzaaaa! ud83dude0d,Palak paneer, beetroot salad, jowar roti, colocassia leaves fritters and raw mango Daal.,Samosas!,Mattar paneer! ud83

Whats a good age to give your kids a phone?

Never is the simplest and best answer. Unfortunately we live in a world where a child without a cell phone is considered abuse so I understand the pressure to get one for a child.,Since the simplest answer wont suffice I would say that no right age exists, each child is different in maturity levels. One child may be mature enough to handle learning

tropical fruit alcoholic drinks,What do you dislike about living in Thailand?

At the top of my list (this week only) of what I can not stand about Thailand is simply this. Stupid tourists. And I donu2019t even live in a touristy area. Letu2019s look at some of these coconut heads.,Recently, there was a young couple from Canada out partying in northern Thailand when they decided to spray paint their names on the wall of an an

What is the best music editing and mixing software?

In my experience, Logic is superior when working with midi, how ever, in every other aspect Protools slays. Nothing touches elastic audio or beat detective for editing, and the variety of plugins are amazing (although ideally DAW doesn't matter for that if you have some nice outboard stuff)

best camera phone 2019 philippines,Which smartphone has the best camera in 2020?

My answer is relevant as of June 2020:,Huawei P40 Pro: The P40 Pro has superb cameras, but itu2019s not the best phone out there in terms of other specs, itu2019s the best photography experience you can get on a smartphone right now, for anyone who wants the absolute best camera they can fit in their pocket. It boasts of specs like 5G, 50MP imaging

how to get the cannon in world 1,Do you play video games?

I do, but I mostly in terms of singular console games, play The Legend of Zelda series. For they are the only franchise that matches my spiritual depth.. I played my first Zelda game (Phantom Hour Glass) when I was 10. Kameo Elements of Power was the only other singular console game that offered the multitude of my spiritualityu2026,Zelda games I h

how to read a histogram photography,Whats your best photograph in an exotic outfit?

As picture takers, each time we press that screen button, we're continually taking a stab at the ideal shot. Assuming you need to get reliable outcomes, without depending on karma, you need to know and practice the essentials of photography.,This post gives you 3 printable cheat sheets from our smash hit Snap Cards: Fundamentals set, for nothing. T

How do you get VC or angel funding for a start-up idea?

The best funding you can get for the idea is that first paying customerIf you get that one paying customer, you are off to the races (it is very hard, trust me). You have a reference for future clients, validation for your offering, feedback for improvement, proof of concept for investors, and so on. As they say, money follows money.,Itu2019s stran