internal temp of cooked chicken,Chefs, what is the grossest thing you had to cook?

In 2002 my business partner and myself were in the process of selling our restaurant in the UK.,It was a dead duck.,In the middle of the countryside, so no passing trade. We had been hit by a myriad of problems during the summer and autumn which included a petrol strike ( even I couldnu2019t get to work), local flooding and a u201c Mad Cow Diseaseu

how to speed up my laptop windows 10,How can I make Windows 11 faster?

Thanks for the question. My answer is, that I donu2019t know. Microsoft Windows 11 has not been released yet (as of September 2021).,After Windows 11 is released, I will begin to explore options on how to optimize Microsoftu2019s newest OS. Then, I will get back to you. Happy hacking.

What provides the force for moving tectonic plates over the surface of the earth?

Q: What provides the force for moving tectonic plates over the surface of the earth?A; u201cLithospheric plates are part of a planetary scale thermal convection system. The energy source for plate tectonics is Earthu2019s internal heat while the forces moving the plates are the u201cridge pushu201d and u201cslab pullu201d gravity forces. nIt was on

how to make chocolate ice cream from vanilla ice cream,What is the ingredient in chocolate ice cream syrup topping that makes it harden on contact with the cold ice cream?

The first three ingredients in Magic Shell ice cream syrup are sugar, sunflower oil, and coconut oil, after than is cocoa and chocolate. Almost half of the topping is sugar, and half is fat. Only 10% or so is flavorings.,Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. Sunflower oil is liquid at room temperature, but freezes at about the storage temperatu

Which altcoins performed good despite the recent crypto crash?

BitTorrent has had it rough for the most part. It struggled to build any momentum during 2019 and 2020, but has taken off considerably since the start of the year. Volatility remains high, but BTTu2019s performance remains solid in the past couple of months.,CryptoFXnetwork is the best cryptocurrency investment platform in the markets where you can

Does the planet Jupiter actually have a terrestrial surface to it, like Earth?

Unfortunately, no.,Jupiter is big. REALLY big. All of the planets of the solar system can easily fit inside Jupiter, with room to spare. It is the largest planet in our solar system, and it is made up of hydrogen and helium (mostly). This will be important later on.,Jupiter, in all its beauty. Credit: JUNO/NASA/ Science News.Because of the fact tha

Where should I invest money?

Last week I bought the Barclays Bank Short Term Volatility Futures (VXX) at around $27.00, and itu2019s now at approximately $56.50. Sou2026. my portfolio is up nearly 81% today when the market was down 5% today. I also bought the June 15 2018 Put for the SPY with $250 Strike Price at $277.00 a week ago, and itu2019s now a $1,300 contract, so made

red velvet cake recipe ingredients,Is red velvet cake just cake batter dyed red?

Dear me, no! I was under the same impression myself. Apparently the color change to the vibrant maroon-red is a natural reaction of the buttermilk or vinegar with the cocoa powder that forms an integral part of the ingredient list.,This has been explained in great detail here - Why red velvet cake was originally red (and why it can't be anymore)Her