Have you ever walked out of an interview?

Yes I have. It was some years ago for a prominent tech company back in Atlanta, who I wonu2019t name. They had actually contacted me as they needed someone with Six Sigma Process Improvement experience and my background was completely on point. The initial phone interview went great and they scheduled me to come in and meet with the COO and someone

Is Sweden socialist?

It's an oversimplification to call Sweden "socialist". While it's true that Sweden has been ruled by the Social Democratic Party ("socialdemokraterna") for most of the 20th century, and without interruption from 1932 to 1976, there are several reasons which suggest Sweden is not socialist:n,Sweden has had a strong free trade-orientation since the 1

What is the vision of all educational institutions in the Philippines and how can this vision be realized as cited in article 1 of the code of ethics of professional teachers?

You should probably ask people who are involved with u201callu201d educational institutions in the Philippines, rather than random persons on the internet.,I am particularly interested, though, in your final phrase referencing the u201ccode of ethics of professional teachers.u201d,Given the sheer amount of A2As I receive per day from students in te

How does a website recognize a "device"? We have four computers and several mobile devices that all present the same IP address, but are not the same "device" on the Internet. What identifies a "device"?

It has everything to do with what's in the HTTP headers sent by the client device. Things like what browser software is reported to cookies and more.,The IP address is merely something that gets data to your front door. Sometimes an IP address is used to deny service to the u201cwrong neighborhoodu201d. It might hint at who you are, doesnu2019t ide

What sucks about AI?

What is horrible with today's AI, it makes a sort of AI alchemy mixed with pseudoscience having dangerous effects as the pseudoscientific theories about racial and ethnic classifications.,Instead of being a leading science and engineering, the mainstream, big tech AI/ML/DL is selling some math-techniques, statistic models, algorithms and black-box

What are the four Ps of marketing?

Know WHO your customer is,Find out WHAT their #1 most painful problem is. WHAT keeps them up at night?,WHAT do they fear and worry about?,What do they desire above everything else?,What is massively important to them? Itu2019s important to note: Whatu2019s really important to people is always expressed in their behavior and NOT in what they say! So

gold christmas tree design,What rituals do the British Royal Family have for Christmas?

Here's some of the stuff I've been able to piece together from the Internet.,From the Royal Family website and Popsugar:,The Royal Family spends the period from Christmas to New Years at Sandringham in Norfolk. She generally arrive between December 17 and 20,travelling by regularly scheduled train.,The Queen and the family put the final touches on

some recipes for chicken breast,Whats the best way to cook a juicy chicken breast?

If you have the equipment, sous vide is easily the best method for a juicy chicken breast. You can guarantee it is cooked to a safe temperature without being a single degree overcooked. There is zero guesswork involved, so you pretty much canu2019t mess it up. In my experience, this method works even better if you brine the breast beforehand, thoug

Which is the largest oil exporter company?

List of countries by oil exports - WikipediaRank , Country/Region, Oil- exports (bbl/day), Date of information,1 Saudi Arabia 8,300,000 2018 est.,2 Russia 5,225,000 2018 est.,3 Iraq 3,800,000 2018 est.,4 United States 3,770,000 2018,5 Canada 3,596,690 2018,6 United Arab Emirates 2,296,473 2018,7 Kuwait 2,050,030 2018,8 Nigeria 1,979,451 2018,9 Qata

How can you find the mean and median of a set of data using a histogram?

You can't. At least, not exactly. ,A histogram groups data. So, if you want to estimate the mean, you can take the weighted mean of each bin (weighted by its frequency) but this assumes that the data are uniformly distributed within each bin. Or, if you want to assume some other distribution within each bin, you can then simulate that and take the

how to make grits from scratch,Do you like cheese grits or cheesy eggs?

Ill take cheese grits in a heartbeat. I donu2019t care at all for cheese in my scrambled eggs. The ones I make are delicious the way they are and donu2019t need additions. I do use that mix for omelets and add cheese to it. But for general use, cheese grits can be beat, especially if adding shrimp on top!

how to make cupcakes with cake mix,How do you make Betty Crocker cupcakes?

Iu2019d think the easiest way would be to purchase a Betty Crocker cake mix, and then use it to bake the cupcakes. Beings as I am so totally unsure of what makes a u201cBetty Crocker cupcakeu201d an actual u201cBetty Crocker cupcakeu201d, that way of making them would have to be my best answer. Although while typing this, Iu2019d believe that anoth

Is there an intuitive explanation for the difference between standard deviation and sample standard deviation? My wife teaches statistics in high school. She has trouble explaining the difference to her students.

Suppose you have a distribution like this blue line and the data comes out like these red x's:,,By random chance, the data is a little lopsided. In this case, the mean of the data is the red dotted line, and it's a little bit higher than the mean of the distribution (black line). ,The red line will be too high half the time and too low half the tim

division design for living room and kitchen,I have a deep passion for art, but I suppress myself and try to learn programming because I think I cant make money with art, what should I do?

Train to become :,A Digital DesignernA Graphics DesignernA 3D ArtistnA 3D animator,And so on, And so forth.,If you think the world can only be divided into art and non art, you are stuck in a black and white world.,The world is filled with proffesions where artistry and design are worthwhile and profitable.,But it will be applied art, you will make