How do I avail a personal loan for non listed company?

There wont be any personal loans for non listed companies. If you mean the promoters then they may take personal loan in their capacity. ,Banks do give unsecured loans to non listed companies if the balance sheet supports that kind of financing.

Did Joe Biden pass the bar exam?

Mr. Biden was admitted to the Delaware bar in 1969. He would not have been licensed to practice law if he had not passed a bar exam.

color palette red and green,Why is green always the color added to the red-blue-yellow palette to make a 4-color palette in logos, as opposed to the other secondary colors?

I think it's because the green is the next least proximate color to Red blue and yellow. ,See, Red and Blue are dominant colors in the trio of red, blue and yellow color palette. You want to add one more color, it has to be the one which is least proximate to any of the three. Since Green is closer to yellow, and yellow is the least intensive color

What are considered as professional skills?

You should just look them up on your favorite search engine. I found this on Google and looks pretty complete (Top ten employability skills). Every professional organization has its own list of skills.

basic foods to have at home,How can someone write an A-Z healthy foods list?

Here's my A to Z food guide, featuring one healthy food for each letter of the alphabet that you can incorporate into your life for better health.,Apples. High in fiber, vitamin C and potassium, apples contain flavanoids such as quercetin, which protect brain cells from free radical damage that lead to Alzheimeru2019s disease.,Beans. Rich in iron,

Which is the richest country?

Qatar - $141,543 GDP (PPP) per capitaQatar has a well-developed oil exploration industry where the petroleum industry accounts for 70% of its government revenue, 60% of its GDP and 85% of its export earnings. Because of its wealth and economic success, it has been chosen as the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the first Arab nation to ever hold thi

bang for the buck smartphone 2019,Why do Motorola phones suck?

Iu2019m not sure why other people are having such a great experience with them. Iu2019ve had two Motorola phones (two of my latest phones), and after a year, they start having problems. Iu2019ve had this one for over 2 years now, and the amount of times per day I want to either smash it with a hammer or throw it out of the window is astonishing (ne

best white paint for interior walls,Why are most of the airplanes painted white?

Interesting question. Nearly half of the passenger airplanes flying today are leased by the airlines from big plane leasing companies. It is easier and cheaper to lease a standard white airplane and then just change its logos than repainting the entire plane (which some leasing companies may not even allow).,,u200bnu200bnDecorative painting are exp

Nowadays with banks and online payment systems like PayPals customer service shutting down due to the coronavirus, what do you do if you experience creditdebit card fraud and other financial fraud issues? Theres nobody to respond to your inquiry.

This question is an exaggeration. PayPal and major banks are not shutting down their customer service departments, even if they are scaling back.,Scaling back is probably inevitable during this period because of the move to an at-home workforce. And itu2019s also inevitable that some of their workers will have to miss work when they become sick.,Un

is pineapple acidic in stomach,What is best solution for back pain?

1. Dead BugLie on the mat with your knees bent so that your thighs are at a 90-degree angle.,Keep your arms straight and open.,Keep your waist flat on the floor.,Slowly move your opposite legs and arms, alternately.,Image via wikiHow2. Cat-Cow PoseKneel on a mat with your knees directly below your hips.,Prepare to inhale and exhale as you contract

What is inorganic chemistry?

The boundary between inorganic and organic chemistries used to be rigidly defined as whether the compounds were involved in the life process and force. Then boundaries started blurring with the advent of organometallic and bioinorganic chemistries. Finally, the idea arouse that inorganic chemistry is that field that an inorganic chemist is interest

What is intended with a letter of application?

An application letter is very important because you are more than likely sending it for a potential job or to get into a university. The way you present yourself in that letter will give an immediate first impression.,You should definitely have this letter proofread as it would not be impressive if it was riddled with typos and incorrectly spelled

If the Democrats eliminated the filibuster while controlling the Presidency and having a majority in the House and the Senate, how could they cement control of government for the long term?

It is extremely unlikely for Democrats to get stable control of the Senate especially with a working majority.,The thing is you get 2 senators per state, and Republicans control 29 states.,List of United States state legislatures - WikipediaThe net effect of that is it is near impossible for the Democratic party to control the Senate.,The reason Re