Is there an intuitive explanation for the difference between standard deviation and sample standard deviation? My wife teaches statistics in high school. She has trouble explaining the difference to her students.

Suppose you have a distribution like this blue line and the data comes out like these red x's:,,By random chance, the data is a little lopsided. In this case, the mean of the data is the red dotted line, and it's a little bit higher than the mean of the distribution (black line). ,The red line will be too high half the time and too low half the tim

Should undocumented immigrants have health insurance coverage in the United States?

Undocumented immigrants have lived, worked, paid taxes for decades. Healthcare is a human right. That's why everyone should have it. Including Americans who are criminals, don't pay taxes, who don't work.,Many current undocumented immigrants get insurance the way many Americans do - through their employer. This is a system of serfdom, so that emplo

low carb diet recipes breakfast,What are the best low carb high protein breakfast ideas?

You can eat anything that fits this description for breakfast u2014 does not have to be traditional breakfast food. For more traditional food there are eggs on low carb whole wheat bread, eggs with avocado, and any number of grains that can be soaked overnight in low carb high protein soy milk or similar liquids u2014 grains like quinoa, which can

canon 5d mark iii price philippines,What camera should I buy: Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS-1DX Mark II, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 80D or Nikon D5300?

The EOS 1D X is pretty much overkillu2026 this is kind of an odd list, with over a 12:1 price range. Not only is the 1D X around $6,000 (body-only), but youu2019re going to need expensive CFast cards for 4K video, and the 4K video on the thing is in gigantic Motion JPEG files, and not all that amazing anyway. If I wanted a 4K camera for video, Iu20

benefits of hydrogen peroxide,How do you clean with hydrogen peroxide?

Itu2019s a potent oxidising agent, thanks to the relatively weak O-O central bond - that can easily be cleaved to produce the hydroxyl (.OH) free radical, which is highly reactive and degrades most organic compounds, including the chemical constituent components of bacteria, viruses & fungi. Furthermore, the end products of such reactions are harml

Why is Mark Zuckerberg losing money?

Because valuations for tech companies have gotten out of hand and there was a backlash to his perceived weakness on issues of censorship and advertising.

chinese food recipes for chinese new year,How will China react to holding the Winter Olympics there in the midst of the omicron surge in the winter of 2021-22?

How will China react to holding the Winter Olympics there in the midst of the omicron surge in the winter of 2021-22?,21-day quarantine on arrival + daily Covid test + closed loop Olympic venues (i.e., dedicated hotels/transportation/activity venues). The audience outside of the Loop must be all vaccinated, PCR-tested within 48 hours, and have been