What are the differences between biomedical science and Medicine?

Not a lot in terms of scientific content. Biomedical science focuses on diagnostics and is really the hard science behind medicine. 70% of a doctors diagnoses are depended on the results a biomedical scientist provides from performing assays on patient samples. Biomedical scientists dot deal with patients directly, although clinical scientists may

What kind of people do you hate the most?

The absolutely vile ones. The ones with a blatant disregard for others. The ones who would ruin someoneu2019s lives to protect their lies or simply further their propaganda.,Recently, a student from India created quite a furor when she claimed that during a school trip she was harassed for being a Muslim.,The entire story was narrated by her in a s

benefits of drinking salabat,Is having ginger daily is good for health?

Of course, Ginger is a good medicine. Some of its benefits are,, ginger reduces nausea and vomiting from multiu00adple causes: morning sickness, postoperative upset, chemotherapy treatments, and motion sickness.,It reduces pain and inflammation, making it valuable in managing arthritis, headaches, and menstrual cramps.,It has a warming effect and s

Why is Mukesh Ambani more successful than Anil Ambani?

It is the vision and Mission oriented execution of plans that make Mr. Mukesh Ambani the true heir of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani and a legend in his own right.,First ExampleJamnagar Refinery is on Pakistan border. It might be attacked by the Pak Airforce and damaged.,By securing SAUDI Aramco investment of $ 15 billion, and enterprise valuation of $ 75 bi

pink and white polka dot background,In science, we have this discussion about the Big Bang and how it all started, but what about space? How can we explain the existence of space, in which all of this is happening?

Your question carriers at its heart a common misconception about the Big Bang and indeed the universe in generalu2026 there is no larger context, no relevant u201cspaceu201d, outside the universe regardless of its size. The Big Bang, in simple terms is best not thought of as and empty room with a bomb exploding inside it. A better ananlogy is that

How much math do you need for a PhD in economics? Is calc 1-3, discrete math, linear algebra, differential equations, real analysis, and 2 courses in probability & statistics enough? Will I struggle without a full BS in math as some have suggested?

This is a digest of an ongoing conversation I have been having with Stuart Baran in various posts and comments. I may be the economist but Stuart knows how to draw it out of me, thank you Stuart.,Economic Mathematics needed to be successful in an Economics PhD program; not only do you need to know this for a test, you need to know it so well that y

How is causation distinguished from correlation in statistics?

Causation cannot be established solely through statistics, much less just correlation.,First, even if there is causation, correlation can't say which direction it goes in. Income is correlated with income tax paid. But, statistically, it could be that paying more taxes makes your income go up! ,Second, correlation can happen with no causation whats

creamy mashed potato ingredients,What is the best mashed potato recipe?

Mashed potatoes are a carrying mechanism for butter and milk. Let that sink in. If youu2019re making mashed potatoes with u201chealthyu201d alternatives, youu2019re making them wrong. Fine, if you like them then thatu2019s all the matters. But mashed potatoes are best made with a metric shit ton of butter and milk.,I use a potato ricer (Iu2019m out

wireless microphone for computer,What is the best headset for zoom meetings?

A headset is a hardware device that connects to the computer and telephone to allow the speaker to talk while their hands are free to type or do something else. A good quality headset should have a clear sound that cancels the noisy external sound and decent battery life.,For joining a Zoom meeting, you may need a microphone such as the built-in mi

food captions for instagram,What are some of the memorable Food Quotes?

Thatu2019s the thing with social media, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram. It only shows just a part of everyday life. An edited one.,I have a friend who is totally obsessed with Instagram. Just a few mounts ago I was on a one-day trip near a small city in my country. We decided to go in the morning, have a good look at the town, have lunch, and then g