canon g7x mark ii price philippines,What is the most cost effective camera for YouTube?

The two most prominent cameras I can think of is the Canon G7X Mark II or the Canon t5i. Both these cameras are in the normal price range ($500-$650 not including tax) for cameras that produce the minimal quality aesthetic in youtube nowadays.,The G7X is smaller and very convenient to carry around with you everywhere. It is a popular camera for vlo

easiest video editor for windows,Is the Openshot video editor easy to use?

Have to admit I never tried it.,I use the excellent HitFilm - started with Express which, although fully featured, is still Free. I bought a number of add-on packages (who would not want a Sci-Fi effects? HitFilm Express: Free editing & VFX software - fxhome.comnAfter a year or so I raised to fully Pro. (Now on v12),What is important to remember, i

What is the real definition of niche in biology? I googled it & the definition is "a position or role taken by a particular kind of organism within its community. " but my AP book said "Organisms that live in the same area and use the same resources"

My usual explanation in teaching is that u201chabitatu201d is your address, u201cnicheu201d is your occupation. Your habitat is a physical location on this planet, or rather, a small area at that location which might contain many different types of subregions, the microhabitats. Your niche is how you live in that area; the details of microhabitat y

What shocked you today?

He is from 3906.Disclaimer: This is a conspiracy theory.,I happened to come across a video from YouTube today. The video is about a person who has experienced Time travel in real life.,A person named Paul Dienach a Swiss-German teacher from Central Europe went into a coma state due to severe illness in the year 1922. During this time, he slides awa

What is economic inflation?

u201cinflation is a sustained increase in the price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.u201d (Wikipedia),So there are 2 vital points:,1)General prices should increase. Not just for one or two goods. In order to calculate that general increase of price they take a basket in which there are lots (hundreds)of goods with th

non contact infrared thermometer,What is the one thing you donu2019t regret buying?

I carry this small device with me every single day. I use it randomly and consistently. What is this magical little itemu2019s function, you may ask? It measures temperature. Thatu2019s all it does. Itu2019s a non-contact infrared thermometer.,Itu2019s not highly sensitive. It isnu2019t super durable. Itu2019s nothing to show off. But oh how much s

why do i dream of the same place,I dreamed of the same place twice. What does it mean?

It is to repeat of the doings,in other words,the doings that enables you to be at the same spot in life or to be reminded about the doings that supposed to be fulfilled or to be be given a second chance to act upon a certain areas in life for fullfilmentu2026Same place twice in a dream is like a letter with stamp in order to reach its destination.A

What is the function of the legislative branch?

The Legislative Council or the Vidhan Parishad is the Upper Chamber of the State Legislature. Union Parliament has the poweru2019 to create or abolish the Legislative Council in various states on the basis of resolutions adopted by special majority in the Assemblies.,All the members of the Legislative Council are either indirectly elected or nomina

master bedroom no headboard,I have a bed with a plain wooden headboard. Can anyone suggest an idea to enhance the headboard without removing it from the bed?

There are so many creative things you could do with the headboard! You can give it a rustic - Farmhouse look by painting it and then sanding down certain spots to have the old wood show through. You could also collage photos of friends and family onto the headboard so you have your loved ones around you. If you are good with carving tools (Do not r

What are Xi Jinpingu2019s greatest accomplishments?

The big one is anti-corruption. There is a lot less corruption now than there was when he got in. The second big one is the environment. China still isnu2019t very green, but the government is taking environment and global warming seriously which wasnu2019t really the case in 2012. Also Xi has done a lot to promote science and technology.,One impor

Is computer science easier or harder than engineering? Why?

It depends entirely on the individual and how their mind works. CS is all mathematics, abstraction, and theory. CE has practical implementation at its core. So, if you find mathematical abstraction difficult without a tie to real-worl applications, CS will be harder for you. I've observed CE PhD students struggle with computational complexity theor

Who should prepare a business plan?

The reason for preparing a plan is simple. You need something good, attractive to the investors. It shouldn't have an introduction per se, but the beginning depends on each start-up's/company's situation. Regarding the situation in which you will present the plan, some should indeed have some sort of introduction, but again, everything has to be ta

What is the best way to earn money in the stock market?

My uncle purchased Maruti Suzuki 800 in the year 1998.,I asked him: u201cWhy did you purchase Maruti in 1998?u201d,u201cBecuase it was the best entry segment car in India and had a great market report. The cost was reasonable, the mileage was great and the customer service was fantastic.u201dIn 2003, Maruti Suzuki has an IPO. The stock rose from th

What is the best way to establish credit as a 17 year old?

I just turned 18, how do I build credit?First, get a source of income. For most, this means get a job that provides a paycheck.,Next, apply for a credit card. If your bank offers one, look into that one first. A card issuer who already has a history with you, like your bank or other financial institution, is more likely to be willing to issue you o