Whats a good age to give your kids a phone?

Never is the simplest and best answer. Unfortunately we live in a world where a child without a cell phone is considered abuse so I understand the pressure to get one for a child.,Since the simplest answer wont suffice I would say that no right age exists, each child is different in maturity levels. One child may be mature enough to handle learning

what does dream mean to you,Can I have my dream interpretation? It is in the answer.

This particular Person is none but Brahma or the Eternal Purusha who is mentioned in different Upanishads. He is that Purusha or Person who appearing within innumerable people irrespective of race, religion, gender, and age comes down from u2018Brahmapurau2019 or the seventh plane (Sahasrar) and as God-the-Preceptor teaches the blessed seers yoga (

best caesar salad dressing brand,What is the best way to cook and eat a hard boiled egg?

Hard-boiled eggs will always be perfectly delicious cracked, peeled, lightly sprinkled with salt, and eaten just the way they are, but there are some quick and easy ways to make even the simplest preparation better. When it comes to the best way to cook eggs I will leave that to this insanely detailed guide.,Now I will address the best way to eat t

Are Johnny Depps parents still alive?

Except his initial accent, he can also change his accent according to the exact character.,Sleepy Hollow: Scotland accent,Libertine: graceful British accent,Don Juan Demarco: very very Mexico and Spanish :D,and so onu2026u2026 of course the pirate also has his specific accent,actually he will hire an accent coach before a movie startu2026 so his cu

baby boy names meaning gift of love,What are some of the worst baby names?

You asked: http://www.ijmc.com/archives/1998/May/07May1998.html,,Tom Smith, a Senior Biostatistician at the New York Bureau of Vital Statistics, sent me a list of every name given to a child in the State of New York during 1994. It was three inches thick.nnnn2,516 girls were named Female.nnAre there really that many stupid parents in New York? No,

blue and grey living room ideas,What wall colors go with a grey sofa?

You asked what wall colors go with a grey sofa. First of all, there are many shades of grey. Because of the various dye colours that can be used to produce grey tones, many greys are possible. Some greys that contain a blue dye may have a blue tinge. Others look slightly plum, others greenish. Greys are usually made by mixing two complementary colo

What are the 3 things that make a business career succesful?

Rule #1: Keep your business card to yourself. DO NOT hand out your business card to everyone you see as if you are passing out $20 bills. Have you ever had someone come up to you while you are talking to someone else and slip a business card in your hand and keep moving. Not only is it distracting, especially if the two people are making a great co

like ice cream but made without milk,What is your favorite non-dairy ice cream?

This is such a subjective answer because peopleu2019s tastes are so varied that itu2019s hard to predict.,Iu2019ve seen a variety of products starting to appear. If it is a lactose problem only, then one of the lactose free products might suffice. Otherwise, I would look at the ingredients, and find something that doesnu2019t have a lot of added ch

What does it take to be a social media manager?

Thanks for A2A, Kinga!First of all, a social media manager needs to have people skills. To be communicative and smart to reply to comments and handle a crisis, to listen to target audiences and react to their needs. A manager, unlike a specialist, usually has a team to lead and he or she needs to see the big picture, create strategies and analyze t

convert dreams to numbers,Whatu2019s your biggest goal in life right now? Why?

To give more than Iu2019ve taken.,Iu2019ve spent 26 years getting a world-class education, and doing almost nothing for the world while my parents and teachers invested in my development. When I finish my PhD, I want to make that investment worthwhile, and contribute as much to the world as I can.,I need to pay off those 26 years.