quick and easy potato recipes,What does it take to make a potato?

There are many healthy ways to enjoy your potatoes such as: serving them as side dish or as main dish or cooking them with chicken and curry.,This curried potato porridge recipe is indeed a new recipe to me. I creatively came up with this yummy, healthy and easy potato recipe, it is simple and fast to to prepare. So I named this- chicken and currie

interior design short courses online,Which is the best university for interior design?

That's a good question. I believe that if you want to learn you can learn in any university.,However, I would suggest to go for a creative university and in this case I can recommend you UCA Farnham which is a well established university in UK in an area outside London which looks broken from a fairy tale. ,They don't do Interior design they have m

how to cook hard boiled eggs,What are some travel tips for Beijing?

1. Get a Beijing Municipal Administration and Communication Card (ShiZhengJiaoTong YiKaTong, YIKATONG) and make good use of Beijing public transport.Beijing has one of the most convenient public transport system in the world. You can get to most attractions by subway and buses. Although during rush hours ground transport tends to be stuck and the s

what is the best phone in the world,Which mobile phone should I buy in 2021?

Itu2019s hard to categorize just one smartphone as u2018the bestu2019 because a lot depends on someoneu2019s budget, and expectations vary. That being said, the Oppo Reno Pro 5G comes pretty close to a really good flagship smartphone because of a few reasons. This phone is just so eye-catching and pretty to look at. The blue shade really complement

fluffy japanese pancakes,Where I can get Japanese pancakes in NYC?

These are called hotcakes in Japan (ok actually they are called u30dbu30c3u30c8u30b1u30fcu30ad(pronounced hotto keki),You might try Panya bakery on Stuyvesant St, itu2019s the kind of thing they would probably make.,Not far from there is Hi-Collar (214 E 10th St) they have it on their menu,Funny thing is in Japan the super fluffy ones are called u2

dreaming of a relative who passed away,What do dreams about dead people mean?

Peoples bodies die but their spirits live on and move to another realm. They are not physically connected, but are still spiritually connected to their loved ones, that is why now and again people dream about their loved ones. They become helpers and guides us here on earth on matters that requires attention and are beyond our own abilities. The de

Why is the free fall in crude oil price not helping most of the economies to take off in terms of growth? As crude oil prices are falling, are countries like India and China or others taking full advantage of the situation?

Oil price is a boost, but it alone cannot compensate for all the problems in the economy. Let's look at the world's top 20 economies.,Of these 20, 8 of them are major oil producers - Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, UK, Mexico, Netherlands, Indonesia. These countries are hurt, because they export billions of dollars worth of oil that have plum

What are the best free antivirus programs for PC?

The internet. Or to be more precise, after the google search of u201cBest free anti-virusu201d. There are some clarifications though. There is no telling what the best anti-virus software is. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Currently, Windows natively has its own anti-virus Windows Defender, and it works relatively well. If you wa

soft unleavened bread recipe,What is Romanian food like?

Welcome to Bucu0103tu0103ria romu00e2neascu0103 - the Romanian Cuisine!,This article is dedicated to the Julia Child of Romania, Sanda Marin (1900u20131964),Sketch by yours truly - if you want to see more Romanian famous figures, check out my instagram at @theromanianstory u2022 Instagram photos and videos.,The most basic and classical Romanian mea