What made you feel disgusted today?

A girl texted me on Instagram, she shared some issues regarding her breakup. She was crying, being a writer I could feel this. We never talked before.,She shared each and everything. I felt a bit low but the only thing which touched me was, her ex and his friends, used to tease her and call her u201cSl*tu201d or blah blah blah. Like why?,I asked he

olympus micro four thirds lenses,What lenses fit the Olympus OM-D E-M10?

Quick answer: you'll do best with the native non adapted micro four third lenses that are labelled m.Zuiko. you can use but there will be some drawbacks the four thirds lenses branded Zuiko Digital, with an adapter.,Detailed answer:,Micro four thirds (MFT) camera owners have a rich universe of lenses to choose from.,All the Olympus M.Zuiko lenses a

What is the importance of data analysis in academic research?

The most important aspect of every study or a research is the data analysis.Data analysis is the process of putting all of the information gathered together into a single report.It entails using analytical and logical reasoning to deduce patterns, correlations, and trends from data collected.,It helps the researchers straightforwardly interpret the

healthy lunch options for work,What are some lunch box ideas for adults?

What are some lunch box ideas for adults?I usually bring my own lunches to work with me but I mainly just make enough of whatever weu2019re having so I know I will have enough to bring to work with me the next day. So my main lunches are leftovers from the night before. However, if I know that what Iu2019m having wonu2019t produce leftovers or wonu

easy japanese recipes for beginners,What is the best Japanese food? Why?

I attended a Presentation about Japanese Cuisine recently. It was amazing fun knowing about Japanese food and it's recipes. (Though I could not try many of these dishes being a vegetarian). These three are my favorite! ,,From left Shimizu sensei, Shunsuke san, Yu san, Hiroaki san, Yuuki san, and Kei san. They gave a mind blowing presentation, I sho

photography composition techniques,What is composition in photography?

u201cComposition is where all the fun and creativity really gets going in our photography adventure. This is where all the magic happens!u201dWeu2019ve nailed the photography basics, gotten familiar with our camera settings and the Exposure Triangle, and weu2019re rotating some dials and getting used to shooting RAW images in Manual Mode. But weu20

christmas photo studio background,What is your review of Batman: Nou00ebl?

u2605u2605u2605u2605u2605,nI have been a big fan of Lee Bermejo since he and writer Brian Azzarello published Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, a story focusing on Supermanu2019s nemesis. Bermejo has a very distinctive and striking art style. Just click on the uncolored two page spread from Batman: Nou00ebl that Iu2019ve attached to this post. It is gorgeo

procedure in making fruit salad,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

My world revolves around food. Food is the greatest gift to the mankind. Which is why, one should cook with love, serve with grace, and eat with gratitude.,Here are the pictures of some of the family favorites. :),P.S. - If interested, you can find detailed recipes with step by step photos on my website Flavouroma - From Crackle to Garnish :)Rajma

blood in your dreams meaning,What does dreaming about snakes mean?

An ancient religious text called as Swapna Shastra offers in-depth analysis of seeing snakes in dreams. According to it, seeing snakes in dreams is usually good if you are not harming snake in your dreams in any way,If the snake bites you in your dreams then it means that in future, your health is not going to be good or you are going to suffer fro

cheap christmas food hampers,Why is couponing not as big in the UK?

It's just gone hi tech you get offer codes sent to you by text and mail. Shop loyalty is still sought but you have cards on your key ring that are barcoded they scan your card you get points.There are stil cut out offers but it's mainly the old folk who cut them out apart from the usual kids toys on cereal packet. I remember Co-op stamp books and e

simple built in cabinets bedroom,Where was a great hiding place you discovered in a house you were moving into and was anything unusual hidden there?

Our current home was built in 1971. When we moved in (2004) I found a small envelope taped to the underside of a drawer of a built-in chest of drawers in the master bedroom. Inside was what seemed to be the combination for a lock. There was no instruction or explanation.,The master bath has a u201cUu201d shaped counter with cabinets on two sides an

best books to read as a beginner,For beginners, which is the best book?

Thanks for A2A.,I have answered the similar type of question. You can read it here.,,If you ask from me, then the one novel which I love the most and would recommend you to read at first will be u201cThe Kite Runneru201d by Khaled Hosseini. And I think, this book is loved by everyone at least those who read it at least once.,Eva Shambhavi's answer

how to save water when taking a bath,How can we save water innovatively?

There are several ways by which water may be saved innovatively. Here are few that I can think of:,Recycle used waterUsed water (also called grey water) coming from bath tub, washing machine, kitchen sink etc may be reused by storing it in a separate storage area. This may be purified and used for daily use.. this can save 50% of household water us