simple no bake blueberry cheesecake,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

It's been two years that I started to cook. Before that I couldn't even make my tea. Since then I am absolutely in love with cooking! Here are a few pictures!,Daal tadka with jeera Rice,Olive and cheese balls,Pizzzzzaaaa! ud83dude0d,Palak paneer, beetroot salad, jowar roti, colocassia leaves fritters and raw mango Daal.,Samosas!,Mattar paneer! ud83

computer and laptop difference,How do Intelu2019s various processor brands differ?

The different names denote different product lines, and sometimes are brands that have been around for long enough that they have been all over the map.,I will give you some general info on the processors, but if you want to see how they compare, you need to look at benchmarks to see, really.,Atom - Atom is a low power CPU core meant to have a smal

very small studio apartment layout,What does your house look like?

I recently moved to a new place in Bangalore, from living in a small studio apartment to moving to a proper house is pretty good. The extrovert in me wants friends and introvert in me wanted a cozy place to myself, and that's how I landed myself with a deal near my friend's home, and I live there alone. And living alone is not a bad deal.,Here is a

free photo editor like photoshop,How do you edit photos for free online?

You can use various combinations of Pixlr and Picsart. But these two have pre-defined or pre-edited fixes so you cannot explore much. If you really want to enjoy every bit then try Adobe Photoshop. I have been using it since 7 years and still cannot compare anything to it.n1. This pic is edited in pixlrn,u200bn2.this in picsartn,u200bn3.this in pho

What are the top 10 tech companies?

Let's explore the top 10 companies which are leading in the tech company,So in 10 places is,10. Oracle(Image source Google),Itu2019s an American multinational software-based company which is very popular and his most popular product is RDBMS ( DataBase Management System ) which is leading in the company and most used in businesses and java language

What does it mean when Facebook Messenger says "if you reply, the person will be able to call you and see information like your active status and when youve read messages"? How do I remove this notice?

This is simply a warning from Facebook about what will happen if you choose to reply to this personu2019s message.,You only receive this warning when someone you arenu2019t friends with ( a u201cstrangeru201d) sends you a message. When you see this warning you have two choices:,1 - Simply ignore the message,If you choose to ignore this message the

Russias war against Ukraine is not going as they thought. Putin appears to be looking for an "exit strategy" where he can leave the country. If he does, will the world just go back to normal with Russia or will the world demand reparations?

The Russians are winning. I want you to screenshot this answer. We can come back to it in 6 months. Go ahead.,The Russians have voluntarily moved their forces to Donbass. They havenu2019t u201cretreatedu201d because they were losing in battle. The Western media and Zelensky know that Westerners are so zonked out they would interpret this to mean th

how to make blueberry cheesecake no bake,What is best frozen cheesecake?

EASY CHEESECAKE n n 9x13 pan, 350 degrees, 25-30 minutes. n n 1 1/4 c. graham crumbs n 1/4 c. sugar n 1/4 c. melted butter n Mix and pat into pan. n n 2 (8 oz.) cream cheese n 1 c. sugar n 4 eggs n 2 tsp. vanilla n n Beat with mixer until creamy and pour over crust. Bake until light brown around edges only. Cool and top with pie filling. Keep refri

nutritional content of ice cream,What are the disadvantages of ice cream?

It's totally sugar , with added color and artificial flavour and deep freezed. and too cold. For health it's not good. It's just treat to yourself. Ya some icecream put nuts and chocolate and advertise as it's giving you some benefit but. Icecream don't have any health benifits.,Doctor never suggest icecrem for good health. Ya for mood swings, irri

adobe premiere pro student discount,Is Adobe Creative Cloud worth the subscription?

No. Not if all youu2019re going to do with it is make memes for Facebook, or flyers for your next garage sale. But letu2019s say youu2019re a graphic designer and you use it to make a living. Itu2019s hard to think of another professional tool that costs as little to use. If you were an Uber driver, youu2019d easily spend what a month of CC costs o

spiral staircase meaning in dreams,Why do people like elevators?

Elevators can be very convenient when people are carrying a whole lot of stuff. Stuff frequently weighs a lot, and elevators make carrying stuff to higher places a whole lot easier.,Howeveru2026..My sister and I donu2019t like elevators. We do use them when we happen to be carrying a whole lot of heavy crap, but we generally avoid elevators when we