ceiling mounted curtain track,Whats the worst hotel in the world?

With respect to the other respondents I was, this very month, in the worst hotel in this world or any other. There are certainly worse places to stay overall, but these are all places of involuntary and cruel incarceration, such as the Tower of London, Devil's Island and any meeting at all after lunch on a Friday. ,The name of this benighted place

best online cooking tutorials,How was your last date?

She cancelled on me!,But it was better that way anyway.,For Christmas, I surprised my wife with tickets to one of those u201ccook with other couplesu201d classes. I thought sheu2019d enjoy it. She was excited about it, but then, the next day, she asked me to cancel it. She said sheu2019d rather go to a movie and not have to be social with other cou

original cheesecake recipe no bake,What are some easy no bake cheesecake recipes?

This was something I learned quite awhile back. Iu2019ve always been good at cooking, but baking is something Iu2019ve never been especially inspired in aside from the basics of pies, muffins, cookies and cupcakes.,So once upon a time, I was making dinner for a few friends, when the lava cakes I made went completely u201cpoofu201d. I wasnu2019t exa

What does "no correlation" mean?

I have to take exception to Brian Hoangu2019s answer. He is mostly correct, but he attributes meaning to u201cno correlationu201d that is not strictly implied.,Correlation is a statistical measure. It equals the covariance of two random variables (e.g., x and y) divided by the product of their standard deviations. Covariance, in turn, is the expect

chicken breast menu for diet,What are some delicious, fairly healthy chicken recipes?

Here's a great recipe for when you are looking to jazz up your everyday boneless skinless chicken breast.,,nIngredients (4 servings),15 oz can of artichoke hearts, drained and chopped,3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese,3/4 cup low-fat mayonnaise,1/8 tsp garlic powder,16 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast (4 breasts),salt and pepper,cooking spray or c

Is ones GPA in graduate school unimportant compared to research output?

Grades are generally meaningless, although in rare cases they might matter. People who put any weight on them have no idea what grad school is about and put far too much faith in schools to actually differentiate students based on class performance, but that's their problem.,For an indication of just how ridiculous it would be to place any weight o

How can I solve Jee Mains problems faster? What are some tricks?

Read Spectrum Magazines by Arihant Publication to get tips and tricks.,Some of the shortcuts that can help you in every engineering examu2026,Star to Delta methodUsing Graphs Method - This trick is restricted to Maths. In questions where you are asked to find the number of solutions to two equations, or to find the range, you can very easily do thi

Who are the best mortgage lenders right now?

It depends on how you define the word, u201cbest.u201d,Any lender can offer you competitive rates and fees.,No lender is allowed to guarantee that they have the best or the lowest rates and fees. Thatu2019s considered hyperbole or exaggeration because the statement would be impossible to prove.,No lender offers u201cfreeu201d mortgages, or a u201cn

cinnamon french toast recipe,How do you make french toast?

Ok, you're in for a real treat.,I'm about to show you how to make the best French toast you've ever had.,Ready?,First things first, start with the right bread. Get a nice fresh whole challah loaf. You can get challah in the bakery section of most grocery stores. You want to cut it in nice thick slices, about half an inch thick, like this:,Now for t

What does the government do for its citizens in the US?

There is no easy answer. Since you said in the US I will assume you mean the federal government. The federal government appoints federal judges such as the Supreme Court and those people make decisions on laws to determine their constitutionality (ensure that the law doesn't violate the rules set for the government). But most things you would think

equivalent of 1 tablespoon,How many times in a day should you apply a face cream?

Never. I guarantee if you follow what I am going to write, it will change your skin forever.,Just look at it like this. Our bodies are made up of the same elements that this universe is thus everything we need is provided by the nature. We do not need any thing factory made. I am a firm believer of healing our bodies inside out that includes healin

how to make california roll sushi,Is America the only nation that bastardizes foreign cuisines (e.g., California roll, deep-dish pizza, orange chicken, etc.)?

No. Also Welcome to Hong Kong if you want a taste of these things.,This picture comes from a Hong Kong brand sauce company that produces Chinese traditional sauces and seasoning for the recipe of Swiss Chicken wings with their Swiss sauce, which is mainly soy sauce.,We have the Swiss Chicken (usually wings or thighs but comes in any parts) that has