best cheese for spaghetti sauce,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

1) pizza,2) Coffee,3) white sauce pasta,4) Aloo tikki to complement the lovely weather.,5) Poha,6) Afghani omlette.,7)Red Sauce pasta with cheese,8) My best experiment till date - Mango cake,9) Paneer butter masala with naan,The list is long, will update more in next.,Upvote if you liked the content ,open for suggestions.u2764ufe0f

meaning of clothes as a gift,What are some examples of cultural appreciation in K-pop?

I think the main issue with CA vs CA is the intent.,A LOT of idols (and stylists) do not intend to mock a culture (I mean thiz solely when it comes to clothing and hairstyles) but do accidentally. In that case it was either intended as appreciation or simply a cool style but the tone (I guess) was taken as appropriation.,A classic example of approp

the word of god is like a lion,If the serpent was Satan in Genesis and was cursed by God to crawl on his stomach for eternity, why was he walking like a u201croaring lionu201d in Job?

The story of Adam and Eve was not about Satan u2014 that was a later, mainly Christian take on the story because of the obvious fallacy in believing that snakes can talk.,The story of Adam and Eve was essentially animistic and part of its purpose was to explain why snakes crawl on their bellies and women suffer pain in childbirth. Australian Aborig

christmas gingerbread house,What is the best gingerbread house kit?

Assalam alaikum wr. wb. my friend.,Every now and then we get those kits at our local supermarket after their holiday and put it together for a week so so and eat it up afterwards. Every kit we have purchased at our local Market Basket grocery always tasted good.,If you like gingerbread biscuits, you will like the pieces of the kit. A work of cautio

What is your view of the US economy at the present?

Inflation is a global problem right now. The global supply chains are hopelessly intertwined, and many manufacturers use Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing practices because they donu2019t warehouse anything. Covid-19 disruptions threw a wrench into the manufacturing and distribution of many products like cars, computers and appliances. Covid-19 show

how to make vanilla cupcakes,What do you know about vanilla cupcake recipes?

Iu2019ve gotten raves with the well known method of using cake mix, but substitute milk for water, melted butter for oil, an an extra egg and throw in a splash of vanilla (or almond, cinnamon, etc). Makes 24 cupcakes. Frost them with the standard powdered sugar/butter/milk icing and youu2019re set.,Not super original, but itu2019s a crowd pleaser.

vegetarian dinner party recipes,What does our PM modi eat during lunch and dinner?

This artical was written when pm was on 5 day trip to USA .Have a look.Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a five day trip to the United States of America where he plans to meet and hold meetings with some of the biggest names in the finance, IT, media and social sectors along with some senior diplomats and CEOs of top global companies. According to

What are the changes in the world brought by globalization?

u201cGlobalizationu201d, a state where each and every person is interconnected with everybody else, becoming completely interdependent on one another, is an evolutioinary state we had to reach. The vast, cosmic natural system we exist in is u201cglobalu201d, fully integrated and interdependent. Without adapting to this natural system, taking on its

kitchen floor tiles texture,Where are stone tiles supposed to be installed?

Stone tiles are quite versatile and so can be installed almost on any surface, be it floor or walls, interior or exterior. Let's see how you can integrate these stone tiles into your home.,Stone Flooring:Natural stone flooring adds natural beauty and timeless elegance to any room, be it a kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. Because, when it

how to make apple keyboard bigger,What features would make Quora better?

General Quora requests:1. A Quora enterprise offering:Something akin Google apps for the enterprise.,I'm aware of Opzi, but without knowing much about it sounds as appealing as using Yahoo search vs. Google search, if for no other reason that I already know how to use Quora and like using it., serves a complementary function to Wikipedia a

canon g7x mark iii price philippines,What are the best cameras for beginners?

For beginners, there are a few point and shoot cameras that stand out as fantastic options.,Some best cameras for beginners:Sony RX100 VIIQuick Specs:ISO Range: 100-12800,FPS: Up to 90,3.0u2033 Touchscreen Tilting LCD,Optical Image Stabilization,Weight: 0.66 lbs,Sonyu2019s RX100 line has positioned itself as among the best point and shoot camera mo

bang for the buck smartphone 2019,Why do Motorola phones suck?

Iu2019m not sure why other people are having such a great experience with them. Iu2019ve had two Motorola phones (two of my latest phones), and after a year, they start having problems. Iu2019ve had this one for over 2 years now, and the amount of times per day I want to either smash it with a hammer or throw it out of the window is astonishing (ne