easy no bake dessert recipes with few ingredients,What is the most "You cant be serious" dish youve seen brought to a holiday gathering, and how did the other guests react?

My two sisters-in-law liked to throw big birthday celebrations for their fatheru2019s milestone birthdays. Since I love to cook and bake, I was always recruited to help out with the food and/or desserts.,For his 65th birthday, we rented a banquet hall and hired caterers to provide the appetizers and meal, but the desserts had to be made by my siste

slow computer performance,Why is my computer running slow and freezing up?

There are many reason that can lead to this problem.,Software- format your system and reinstall windows or any other operating system. Most of the problem will be solved,If you are giving extra load to the system then try to upgrade with ram or SSD.,Hardware- if there is no software issue, then you should check for hardware, show your computer to e

my computer is super slow what can i do,What are the things that make a computer slower?

Your computer is not actually u201cslowing downu201d.,Think of it this way. Imagine a restaurant u2014 say a burger place. Now, are they slow? Nope, they can crank out a burger with fries in about 8 minutes.,So you get used to it. You park your car, walk in, place your order, goof off reading Quora for 8 minutes, and youu2019re out the door.,Now im

how to make vietnamese coffee,What is the recipe for making egg coffee?

It so simple u2026u2026..,U have to just boil egg and have to serve it ur beloving buffalow and then next day takeout milk from her and boil that milk and then add one spoon of coffeeu2026..,Ur coffee is ready u2026..u can enjoy ur coffee u2026hope this coffee give u some energy to think u better thingsud83dude12

Where is the resume format on Word?

Q: Where is the resume format on Word?There isnu2019t u201cau201d single resume format. There are many templates that provide the starting point for a resume.,Select u201cFileu201d tab.,Select u201cNewu201d menu choice.,Enter u201cresumeu201d in the box that says something like, u201csearch for online templatesu201d and hit the enter key or tap the

simple furniture design small house,What are the best interiors?

You can completely change the look of your room by making minor changes to your furniture and lighting. Whether you have a four-storey mansion or a tiny apartment, there is an interior design fix for each type of home. Check out these tips to get inspiration to decorate your home:,1) Rope LightingWant your bedroom to give off a relaxed and cozy vib

What are the most popular artificial intelligence articles?

Here are my top 5 (or one of "top 5" lists I feel comfortable standing behind). It's not necessarily the papers themselves that are popular, but rather their content:,https://www.csee.umbc.edu/courses/471/papers/turing.pdf - the seminal paper by Alan Turing, where the idea of the Turing Test was first proposed.,Steps Toward Artificial Intelligence

Is it true that Saudis are lazy and dont want to work hard?

This is a common stereotype about Gulf Arabs in general and the answer is:,Sort of but not reallyUntil recently most companies in the Gulf needed to be 51% owned by a Gulf citizen. Except in certain cases, the UAE notably allowed 100% foreign ownership within its free zones like Jebel Ali Free Zone.,End of 51 per cent Emirati ownership rule 'will g

Which are the top 10 most powerful military countries in the world?

Israel is the obvious choice for everyone as you can see from your answers. But the surprise package for me is Iran. nIran armed forces number 1.1 Million making them the largest standing forces in West Asia. Iranu2019s forces are battle hardened and have good training and some exceptional leaders. They not only repelled Iraqu2019s invasion but als

What are the biggest signs that someone has narcissistic personality disorder?

Why do you stay with him?,The biggest one I struggle with is a lack of empathy. It's so crazy how Narcissists have none, zilch, zero, but they want your compassion about everything and anything.,Two. Projection. If you want to know what your Narc is up to, just listen to what he accuses you of doing. Once you catch on and understand what's going on

recipe of different appetizer,How do we make chips out of bananas?

Original question: How do we make chips out of bananas?There are some very interesting answers and I donu2019t want to take away from any of them - in fact, I may try some.,Here in Peru, banana chips are called u201cchifleu201d and theyu2019re sold everywhere - often cut long ways:,You can get them at the bodega:,I translated this page for the reci

morning prayer after waking up,What are short, inspirational morning prayers?

I was the first one to fly out of the nest. We were a close-knit family of five, my parents and us three sisters. As the eldest, I got married first, flew the farthest away and made New York my home. It was a difficult transition. I missed my family and specially my parents.,My parents had to deal with a couple of health scares which forced me to c

Which are 50 largest cities in the world?

As of 2015 the World Bank announced in a report on urbanisation the formation of a new worldu2019s biggest city, in terms of population (and rumoured in terms of land area to boot). It is a contiguous city made up of 4 major conjoined cities that have physically merged into one another - as in one can walk on an urban pavement from one to another s

how long does rice cook in a rice cooker,How do you cook rice in an electric cooker?

1)Measure the rice with a cup and put it into your cooking potSome rice cookers have a removable bowl or pot, while others must have the rice placed directly in the cooker. Most of the time, rice cookers will come with a measuring "cup" or scoop that can fit 3/4 cup (180 mL). Alternatively, use an ordinary measuring cup.,One cup (240 mL) of uncooke

What are the best stocks to buy for the long-term?

Here is a list of best stocks which one can buy with an objective of LONG TERM holding.,In fact: I use this list for myself to unearth few good stocks from a heap of average ones.,What is the strategy? How to identify best stocks trading in Indian stock market?,How to start?,Buying stocks of companies which has high sales, high net profit, or high