how to put snow filters on pictures,What Korean apps are there which K-pop idols use?

okay so i can confirm a few apps that i will be listing down here so less get itttt,1.Foodieit is a app dedicated to filters for food that was targetting food bloggers but it soon became popular amongst a huge amount of people incuding k-idols. we can see several bts members using the app as well as jieun of apink.,here jimin used the filter YU2 fr

coffee shop ingredients list,How do I open a coffee shop?

You are not alone. ,Thousands of people without appropriate experience are seduced each year into opening coffee shops, only to discover too late, their inadequacy to do so, with many then suffering the loss of their investment or worst. There are many reasons why most cafu00e9 startups fail, but in my mind, inexperience would be up there as the bi

is it ok to drink gatorade everyday,Is Gatorade Zero bad for you?

There are several ways to interpret your question:,Healthy, in the sense that it has a low-sugar, high-vitamin / nutrition content? Oh no.,Does it provide hydration & electrolytes after a high-intensity workout? Yes.,Is it any better for you than regular water for athletes? The jury is still out on that. Some claim Gatorade is superior, others say

narrow hallway design ideas,How should I decorate the freakishly long, narrow hallway of my apartment? Itu2019s too narrow to put in a shoe bench comfortably and is about 20-30 feet in length.

Hi Yeoeun, having a long narrow hallway on your apartment will maybe a little bit bother you. If you donu2019t manage and mismanage it, besides it makes your space smaller it would also u2018not aesthetically pleasingu2019 and it would turn into a useless space.,There are several ways to decorate your hallway and make it prettier, but donu2019t put

How do I web scrap a website without getting banned?

Web scraping is the process of gathering information from the internet. Web scraping helps you extract underlying HTML code and the data stored in a database. The scraper can then replicate the entire website content as and wherever needed.,Here are some tricks you can use to scrape a website without getting banned or blocked.,1. IP RotationMost of

best seagate external hard drive,What is the best external hard drive out there? It is my first time purchasing hard drives, so I need some advice. The size I want to buy is 1TB. I am conflicted between WD and Toshiba.

Working in professional data recovery and spending quite a bit of time reverse engineering external hard drives I see a lot more of these than most people ever will. If you want a reliable drive that will last, Toshiba is the clear winner. WD drives aren't bad and are certainly better than Seagate (which is utter crap these days) but they aren't as

simple house ceiling designs pictures,Which is the best false ceiling for a bathroom?

With respect to the type of false ceiling -Go for a plaster of paris ceiling.,With respect to design,if you have a huge bathroom you can opt for n number of designs,if you own small bathroom go for a simple plain ceiling with some PIR sensors and wonderful lights (maybe pendants ) into it.,DO NOTE THE LIGHTENING EFFECTS OF THE PICTURE.THEY ADD ALOT

What are the biggest signs that someone has narcissistic personality disorder?

Why do you stay with him?,The biggest one I struggle with is a lack of empathy. It's so crazy how Narcissists have none, zilch, zero, but they want your compassion about everything and anything.,Two. Projection. If you want to know what your Narc is up to, just listen to what he accuses you of doing. Once you catch on and understand what's going on

chicken parmesan description,Is parmesan chicken unhealthy?

It's not "unhealthy".,But you can't eat that kind of food all the time.,It's breaded (adds carbs) and fried or oven baked (but still involves a lot of oil). Then drenched in tomato sauce, and cooked with mozzarella cheese, which isn't bad. Then you usually get it on a plate of spaghetti, which is empty carbs. LOTS of carbs. And they rarely, in a re