female outdoor photoshoot ideas,How To Shoot Creative & Gothic Witch photography?

Right now, Witch Photography Ideas are the most exciting. What comes to mind when you think of witches? Is it the witch who entices children to her cottage? Is it Glinda the Good Witch who helps the girl return to Kansas? Or maybe it is from the historic Salem, Massachusetts witch trials? It is clear that there has been a resurgence of interest in

How does Quora use machine learning in 2015?

One of the reasons I was excited to join Quora as VP of Engineering was how important machine learning was for the company's success. As of 2015, machine learning approaches are used extensively in many different parts of the Quora product. Most of these applications were in place before I joined. However, we are constantly coming up with new appro

how to read a histogram photography,Whats your best photograph in an exotic outfit?

As picture takers, each time we press that screen button, we're continually taking a stab at the ideal shot. Assuming you need to get reliable outcomes, without depending on karma, you need to know and practice the essentials of photography.,This post gives you 3 printable cheat sheets from our smash hit Snap Cards: Fundamentals set, for nothing. T

What is the most important invention in human history?

I can't give you a list, but one important invention was the rocket. Robert Goddard was nicknamed u201cLooneyu201d because people said man could never go to the moon. Hitler advanced Goddard's work with the V-2. With that, the US and Soviet Union began the space race.

How do I improve my writing skills for the UPSC?

Keep all these points very well in your mind. I have written them after giving due thought and time:,Write about 15u201318 words per mark for a 250 mark question paper to be attempted in 3 hours i.e. you should be writing about 3750u20134500 words in three hours. And mind it this has to be good quality stuff. UPSC in my experience demands both - qu

how much protein in chicken,How much protein is there in 100g cooked chicken breasts?

A skinless, cooked chicken breast (about 170 grams) contains about 55 grams of protein.,This is equal to about 30 grams of straight protein per 100 grams.,A chicken breast also has 285 calories, or 165 calories per 100 grams.,About 80% of the calories comes from protein, while approximately the other 20% comes from fat.,Hope this helps.

photography composition techniques,What is composition in photography?

u201cComposition is where all the fun and creativity really gets going in our photography adventure. This is where all the magic happens!u201dWeu2019ve nailed the photography basics, gotten familiar with our camera settings and the Exposure Triangle, and weu2019re rotating some dials and getting used to shooting RAW images in Manual Mode. But weu20

What are some roots of corruption in Indonesia?

I would argue that one of the most malignant (yet seldom mentioned) practice in Indonesia that is a strong root that results in corruption is: the atrocious pay level of our judges. In my home county in Central Java, a new judge is paid Rp 3 million per month, a senior judge is paid Rp 5 million per month; that's around US$ 4-7 thousand per year. I

different brands of liquor,Which is your favorite alcohol brand?

The Top 10 Best-Selling Liquor Brands in the WorldAmericans tend to have a pretty limited view of worldwide drinking. As much as we love our bourbon and Frosu00e9 and Titou2019s, none of those things even register on the global scale of booze. In fact, you likely havenu2019t even heard of the top-selling alcohol brands in the world. Here, the top 1

How is causation distinguished from correlation in statistics?

Causation cannot be established solely through statistics, much less just correlation.,First, even if there is causation, correlation can't say which direction it goes in. Income is correlated with income tax paid. But, statistically, it could be that paying more taxes makes your income go up! ,Second, correlation can happen with no causation whats

How do banks calculate interest on savings accounts? My bank gives interest once in three months. If I make many transactions within this period, how the interest is calculated?

Calculation:If you have u20b9xxx then interest you accrue will be 4% of u20b9xxx then divide it with 365. For u20b91000, interest accrued will be 4% of u20b91000 = 40, then divide it with 365 for the interest accrued for the day which will be equal to u20b90.11.,Illustration:From 1st - 5th December your account balance is maintained withu20b910000.