When did smartphones become popular?

Smartphones became popular in 2012 before that it was mostly common for people to just have a regular dumb phone. In 2008 the use of smartphones were less than 10% and dumb phones were around 70%. Dumb phones stayed around 70% up till 2010. In 2011 the percentage did start to go down and smartphones just started to go up but dumb phones were still

fish fillet recipe with sauce,Why is Jamie Oliveru2019s restaurant empire collapsing?

I did a working interview for one many years ago, whilst winding down my career as a chef. I was appalled.,Itu2019s true, they made their pasta fresh every day. And had the best salumi, produce imported, organic &c. But that tomato sauce? Out of a bag from the central kitchen. Almost anything not made a la minute, outsourced.,As has been mentioned

philippines to los angeles time,How did the Filipino Americans become the largest Asian Americans in the United States, second to none except the recent Chi-Am?

To arrive at a short and concise answer, please remember that the Philippines was a colony/protectorate of the US and a member of the US Commonwealth. This was from 1989 until the start of World War 2.,Being a territory of the US, the US allowed Filipinos to go to the US, particularly to Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington and all the way to Ala

easy coleslaw recipe with mayo,Why do so many people dislike coleslaw?

The standard answer for this question about any food is- people have personal tastes and preferences.,But coleslaw may be a special case. Most people have had some pretty terrible coleslaw at some point. The droopy shredded cabbage dredged in white goo and shoved into little takeout containers.,You know, the one you throw out, and just eat the sand

iphone 4 no sim card slot verizon,Can I unlock a locked iPhone I got second hand?

The smartphone markets of maximum of the countries are dominated by iPhones. maximum people try to save money for an iPhone, unfortunately, because of its high price, dreams of numerous people get crushed along the way. So, if you require to purchase an iPhone without paying the full price also your smart bet is to get a used or a refurbished iPhon

chewy chocolate chip cookies,How do I make thick chewy chocolate chip cookies?

Use a mixture of butter and shorteningu2026mostly butter a little shortening.,Use 1/2tsp each of baking soda AND baking powder.,REFRIGERATE the dough for at least two hours so that it it thoroughly chilled,Use a small(1 - 1.5 tables spoons) ice cream scoop to scoop rounded mounds of dough onto an ungreased cookie sheet,Bake the cookies at 425 for 8

healthy dessert recipes no bake,What foods are good for losing weight?

Weight loss is a ballgame of 80% diet and 20% exercise. As the famous proverb says, u201cabs are made in the kitchenu201d. But this does not always have to be a punishment. Sticking to the same diet plan seems to be severe, boring and upsetting. But there is a lot of food to help you lose extra pounds.,Quick to loose, early to gain: In order to not

What is the true color of indigo?

If the sky is blue because of the color reflection from the ocean, then what makes the ocean blue?Well, youu2019re starting off with a false premise. The sky is not blue because it reflects from the oceans. Think about it. If that were true, then wouldnu2019t the sky over land be green? Wouldnu2019t the sky over the arctic be white? No, there has t

different types of cakes with pictures,What foods do people mistakenly think are ethnic cuisine, but really are not authentic or even u201cethnic?u201d

German chocolate cake is not German.,The cake is an American confection, developed in the 1950s. It was originally called u201cGermanu2019s Chocolate Cake.u201d The name comes from a type of sweet dark chocolate sold by the Bakeru2019s Chocolate Company, developed in the 1850s and named in honor of the employee who formulated it, a British immigran