What percentage of the Earths population is considered genius?

Ronald writes the generally accepted notion: ie, about 1.x% - but this is based on a biased sample, since a large portion of the Earth's population is illiterate and thus could not take a standard IQ test. In addition one must include a significant potion of the Earth's population that is malnourished, or afflicted with environmental hazards which

How will "Medicare-for All" be funded? The average U.S household already pays 24% in collective income taxes, increasing the tax rate wouldnt be very popular.

Yes, people are taxed a lot, but the cost of healthcare is pretty staggering too. The median family income in 2017 rose to a bit over $61,000 per year. The expected average out of pocket cost between premiums, copays and deductibles for a family of four for 2018 is about $12,300. Assuming wages went up the past two yearsu2014which they didu2014this

How is London School of Economics for Indian students?

It's the experience of a lifetime. It's harder than most students can adjust to within a year, extremely theoretical so writing essays and learning to skim through readings and using the otherwise ignored sources in India such as libraries and professorsu2019 visiting hours, are of prime importance.,That said, London is nothing short of a dream for

pictures of hot sandwiches with names,What is the best sandwich you ever tasted?

A better way to phrase this question would be, what is your favorite sandwich. Best is subjective and is a matter of personal opinion. My best may be someone elseu2019s idea of absolute worst, but I can talk about which type of sandwich I like to eat most often.,That would be the Reuben sandwich currently. People love this or they hate it, and it d

What are the top stocks to invest in the Indian market?

Some stocks which i will recommend according to my track in stock market are :-,Bata India -: It is an A1 quality stock. CMP = Rs 1233 ; Target Price = Rs 2000.,HDFC AMC -: CMP = Rs 2425 ; Target Price = Rs 3500. You can blindly rely on any of the stock of HDFC.,HDFC Life -: CMP = Rs 418 ; Target Price = Rs 625.,INOX Leisure -: It is a growing stoc

Where can I get help in building a strategic plan for an online business? Is there someone I can pay to do it for me? It has 2.5 million revenue, 15-18 employees, and 11% investment from the revenue in marketing.

Strategic plans donu2019t really work unless the person at the top (you) lives and breathes the plan, which, of course, you canu2019t do if you didnu2019t write it (or actively participate in the process of developing it). There are a lot of people who will gladly write one for you, but it wonu2019t be of much value without your deep input.,Take a

study table design for bedroom,What does your room look like?

I live with my family in our home sweet home.Btw, I had to clean up my room to click those pics, haha.,Above is one view from gate number 1 (which opens towards main house gate).,.,Above- Thats my small wardrobe on right. My study table in middle.,.,My study table.,I'm so upset that I haven't studied since January, I fell sick , yet again, on 22 Ja

things to do with matcha powder,Can I use matcha tea powder for baking recipes?

Yes, absolutely!nMatcha literally means "tea powder". Green tea ground to a powder so fine that it actually forms a solution in a liquid such as hot water.nThat makes it a possible addition to any recipe that involves mixing powders and liquids - and that includes cakes.,You'll get better results with the mixing grade powders, though - the ones tha

How is the site WhiteHat Jr. for teaching coding for children?

I have been observing a lot of these WhiteHat Jr. ads between IPL Matches. So I decided to see what it was all about. I checked a couple of their advertisements and this is what I concluded:,Computer Science is a lot more than coding. The way WhiteHat Jr. has approached the subject of Computer Science is the typical Indian way of making kids memori

Why is standard deviation better than range?

Although range tells us how far apart the the largest and smallest dat points are, it says nothing about what is happening between those points. Just knowing the range, tells nothing about the distribution of the data.

What are the advantages of renewable energy?

Everything about wind, solar and ethanol is bad, somethings worse than others. People that donu2019t understand that the earth is being raped of minerals, and inundated with process waste, from solar manufacturing think RE has value for virtue signaling.,The HBR authors, all of whom are business school professors, looked at the economics from the p

chicken cordon bleu ingredients,What are some recipes that require ham?

Oh goodness there are so many you can find if you do a simple internet search!,I do have a few favorites, though. A simple ham sandwich is excellent with good quality ingredients - a great crusty baguette smeared end to end in homemade mayonnaise or dijon mustard, baked ham carved off the bone, thinly sliced swiss cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce,

modern small bedroom ceiling design,What are the best home designs?

The Floating Seahorse will build homes on water.Essentially an apartment which is just like a boat, the villa is designed to have three levels. One of which, will be underwater for the marine life experience that you can enjoy while you're about to take a nap.,The whole apartment complex will consist of 42 villas.Each villa consists of 1,700 sq ft

cooking time for rice in rice cooker,How do you cook rice in an electric cooker?

1)Measure the rice with a cup and put it into your cooking potSome rice cookers have a removable bowl or pot, while others must have the rice placed directly in the cooker. Most of the time, rice cookers will come with a measuring "cup" or scoop that can fit 3/4 cup (180 mL). Alternatively, use an ordinary measuring cup.,One cup (240 mL) of uncooke

modern bathroom color schemes,What is the most beautiful shot in a film ever?

These are some of the most iconic shots in cinema history:,Finding Nemo. Rule of thirds used excellently. The beauty of what lies beneath the surface showed on the left and the vast, intimidating openness of the ocean showed on the right.,The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes Andersonu2019s love for color and symmetry is demonstrated here in full effect.,T