Why did Google change its logo?

One line answer as per my point of view is : To make it work smoothly across multiple devices.How?To understand this new redesigned typographic colorful logo, we have to consider the most important fact of the logo i.e. the font or typeface of the logo.The new logo is designed in a "sans-serif" typeface. Now question comes, Why Google shift to sans

Which is the worlds richest country and poorest country?

It depends on how you define rich.,If you define being rich as Gross Domestic Product (at purchasing power parity) per capita:nPurchasing power parity is a technique used to determine the relative value of different currencies.,Basically: the gross domestic product (GDP) is how much a place produces in some amount of time. For nations, the GDP can

What are some of the good jobs in the biotechnology industry in India?

What is Biotechnology all about?Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce products that advances healthcare, medicine, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and environment control. Biotechnology can be classified in

how to pan fry sirloin steak,How do I cook a sirloin steak on a pan?

Well, itu2019s pretty much the exact same method for any other steak, but it depends on thick it is. Iu2019m going to explain TWO methods that involves the pan.,First, thereu2019s the old fashioned way and do it all entirely on a cast-iron pan. Ideally, you should have a meat thermometer.,(from Taste of Home),Season the steak. Salt and pepper. You

Are Harvard University courses a scam or not?

People call Harvard University scam because he charge $$997 for a course.,To y our question - he is not a scam but still he is mad to charge this prices.,People sell their cars and their homes to buy these courses lmao.,You can get his courses for $30 in Turbocourses.

chicken leg quarters dinner ideas,Which is the best food in the world?

The best recipe in the world the one I just made the other day.,What is it, you ask? Well since I don't know what day you're reading this, it's going to be hard to tell you.,I know, I'm being a bit obtuse. But consider that everyone has different tastes and even those individuals have different wants on different days, well, it's hard to pin down j

how to wake up when your sleepy,How should I manage to wake up early in the morning?

I had a student who needed to wake up for an 8 am class at Berkeley. I suggested that he start living on east coast time. Then the 8 am class would begin at 11 am. Of course, his friends would be surprised that he went to bed so early.,A few months later I saw him, and he told me it worked! He had no trouble with his (now) 11 am class.,I did a simi

How do I score a 95+ in class 12 board economics?

Hey there,So economics trouble started huh?,First of all friend i would like to suggest you..not to run behind marks instead try to run behind your syllabus(try to complete it in minimum time).. marks will automatically catch your pace.,Great..well one can easily score a good percent of marks in economics it becomes more easier for the person if he