Is LaTeX dead? If yes, what are some modern alternatives?

I'm a PhD-ed physicist, worked in software industry for almost ten years and now I'm happily back in research for five years now. I used MS Word, Libre Office and Latex to create documents for various purposes and my perspective is the following :,Latex is far from dead, it is the main text processing tool in academia, whereas Word (and Clones) is

most durable outdoor furniture,Which are the best outdoor furniture manufacturers?

Ellements offers a select range of premium outdoor furniture that are heat and light adaptable, making them an excellent choice for any location and season. Built from the the finest quality products to ensure high durability in high heat & wind conditions, their furniture are easy to operate and focused on strength and usability.

Why are there so many more men in prison than women? Is it about the types of crimes commit, the frequency men vs. women commit crimes, or that women get away with crimes more?

Itu2019s a combination of elements.,Statistically, men commit more crimes than women:,Statistics have been consistent in reporting that men commit more criminal acts than women. Self-reported delinquent acts are also higher for men than women across many different actions. Burton, et al. (1998) found that low levels of self-control are associated w

roasted chicken ingredients,How do I roast a chicken?

Roasting a chicken is one of the easiest things to learn to do and get right every time.,Iu2019ve said it before, and Iu2019ll say it again, if you donu2019t have a good cast iron pan, get one. A 12u2033 Lodge cast iron pan costs about $30u201340, and they last forever.,First thing youu2019re going to do is throw the pan in the oven on the lowest r

chicken cordon bleu recipe baked,What are some recipes that require ham?

Oh goodness there are so many you can find if you do a simple internet search!,I do have a few favorites, though. A simple ham sandwich is excellent with good quality ingredients - a great crusty baguette smeared end to end in homemade mayonnaise or dijon mustard, baked ham carved off the bone, thinly sliced swiss cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce,

what colors match with brown,What colors look good with light pink?

ank you for the A2A, here is some ideas on how to wear a pink t-shirt:,Pink t-shirt and a fuchsia long skirtThis combo of a pink t-shirt and a fuchsia long skirt will attract attention for all the right reasons. Add a touch of elegance to your outfit with a pair of silver leather sandals.,Pink t-shirts and wide white pantsBe noticed among other sty

Whats your point of view on Vivek Agnihotri s "The Kashmir Filesu201d movie?

A Muslim boy (say, Salman Khan) falls in love with a Kashmiri Pandit (KP) girl (say, Katrina Kaif). Salman and Katrina romance on the Dal lake in a shikara and everything is mushy lovey dovey. Katrina's father gets to know about the romance, insults Salman and prevents Katrina from meeting him. Then suddenly, riots break out in Srinagar city. Katri

How can you find all of your Gmail accounts?

How can you find all of your Gmail accounts? This is a question mostly asked in Quora. Many people tried to find the solutions but could not. consequently I am going to find the money for a lively answer that is going to be active for you the most easy way. Reply for,As mentioned above, Instagram doesnt let you entrance deleted messages and way in

popular girl names that start with m,What is the most beautiful name?

Now this is one of the best A2As Iu2019ve ever gotten. I know I say that a lot, but still. Iu2019m trying to practice gratitude, here.,Seriously, thanks a million.,And it just so happens that this question is extremely relevant right now, as my wife and I have just entered into serious talks regarding procreation. (Thatu2019s right, folksu2014we mi

how many almonds to make almond milk,What is a simple almond milk recipe?

Simple Almond Milk - Recipe,Serves: 5 cups,Ingredients,1.5 cups whole blanched almonds or other whole raw almonds,4 cups water,1 tsp vanilla extract,1.5 tbsp maple syrup or honey,dash cinnamon,Instructions,First thing, get to soaking those almonds. I like to use whole blanched almonds because they already have the papery, slightly bitter almond ski

instruction on how to cook rice,How do you cook rice like an Asian?

Cooking rice was a chore before the electric rice cooker. I had to watch over the wood fire licking the pot of stove-cooked rice - start with a low heat then increase heat, then lower heat again when the liquid inside starts bubbling. Worse - washing the outside of the soot-covered pot and rice encrusted inside was a dreary task. A few decades pass

best ipad pro 10.5 keyboard case,Which refurbished iPad is recommended?

For people looking for a high-quality tablet for videos, light web and email, light to moderate document creation, light photo retouching, games, etc., I recommend the iPad 5th generation. It retails for $325 in the U.S. Great price. Refurb from Apple is even better because of the lower price and full warranty.,For someone looking for a tablet with

How can you calculate the percentage of two numbers in Excel?

You use the / (divided by) sign - numerator divided by denominator.,If A1 = 2 and B1 = 5, the formula =+A1/B1 will result in the answer 40% (2 divided by 5).,If the number is displayed as .4, you will have to format the cell to a percentage format, which will then display it as 40%.