simple house ceiling designs pictures,Which is the best false ceiling for a bathroom?

With respect to the type of false ceiling -Go for a plaster of paris ceiling.,With respect to design,if you have a huge bathroom you can opt for n number of designs,if you own small bathroom go for a simple plain ceiling with some PIR sensors and wonderful lights (maybe pendants ) into it.,DO NOTE THE LIGHTENING EFFECTS OF THE PICTURE.THEY ADD ALOT

prayer after failing an exam,Why did God make me a loser?

God wants to make you a diamond and not leave you rock like everyone else. A diamond becomes a diamond with terrible, terrible amounts of heat and pressure - it does not feel great that process but it creates something stronger and more precious than anything else out there. Instead of saying this line, say, u201cThank you God for helping me reach

What are the best CV examples for a UXUI designer?

TL;DR: Contact info, experience, education, other skills if applicable (spoken languages etc.), listed in ordered by most recent.The same as for most other professions: A simple one, where you list your name, title, email address, link to your portfolio, and a phone number. You should also list location if it is not obvious that you are local to th

the word of god is like a lion,If the serpent was Satan in Genesis and was cursed by God to crawl on his stomach for eternity, why was he walking like a u201croaring lionu201d in Job?

The story of Adam and Eve was not about Satan u2014 that was a later, mainly Christian take on the story because of the obvious fallacy in believing that snakes can talk.,The story of Adam and Eve was essentially animistic and part of its purpose was to explain why snakes crawl on their bellies and women suffer pain in childbirth. Australian Aborig

How do I create a YouTube channel in Mobile 2021 and earn money?

How To Create A Youtube Channel In Mobile Bangla 2021 And Make Money OnlineIn this video, we will learn how to create a youtube channel in mobile Bangla 2021. I explain to youtube new updates and future videos, many people how to open a youtube channel on mobile if you want to start a youtube journey how to create a youtube channel on a Bangla andr

what does almond flour do in baking,What are the best banana bread recipes?

Best Banana Bread RecipeBest Banana Bread Recipe is so easy to make and super soft and moist! The very best way to use up overripe bananas this bread is tender and packed full of flavor.,Prep Time15 minutes,Cook Time50 minutes,Total Time1 hour 5 minutes,Servings1 Loaf,Calories168kcal,Ingredients1 Stick (1/2 Cup) Butter,3 Large Ripe Bananas,2 Large

lucky number as per date of birth and time,How can I find my lucky number?

Add numbers of your date of birth until it becomes a one digit number. ,For Eg someone's date of birth is 05/03/1992 (5th March 1992),Then lucky number = 0+5+0+3+1+9+9+2n=29(its a two digit number so lets add its digits) n=2+9n=11(its a two digit number s lets add it again) n=2(finally we got his lucky number)

landscape aesthetic wallpaper,What are the best wallpapers?

Free wallpaper content (Y),Customer support is key to successful long terms commercial enterprise, cross wallpaper prides itself on this; supplying expert and pleasant advice, in-depth product knowledge, and superb after income carrier.,We're right here from start to complete continually and 24*7 available wallpaper dealer in Kolkata to reply to an

Which countries have the best education system and why?

It depends on how you count. By standardized test scores, the two best countries are South Korea and Finland. What's interesting, according to those who've studied it is that they take kind of opposite approaches. South Korea's primary education is highly structured, emphasizing memorization, long hours and lots of homework. Finland, on the other h

What formula in Microsoft Excel would you use to computate loan amortization?

It is possible to derive one mathematically.,The loan amount would be the present value of all the payments.,I will define v = frac{1}{1+c} as the present value factor.,L = Pv + Pv^2 + Pv^3 + cdots + Pv^nFactoring:,L = Pv(1 + v + v^2 + cdots v^{n-1})This is a geometric series.,L = Pv left(dfrac{1-v^n}{1-v}right)I will rewrite this as a formula I am

how long do led lights last on average,How long do LED Strip Lights last?

That depends on a bazillion things. Itu2019s all in the quality of the LEDs and the stuff Iu2019m seeing is absolute shit. I was in retail store the other day and I noticed that many of the newly installed 8u2032 LED fixtures were blinking. I asked the owner what was up and he said that 33% of the NEW led lights installed last summer(2019) are blin

What are the main studies used to show that there is a gender pay gap?

Surveys, census, and federal economic data are where the statistics for the wage gap are produced. Studies interpret that data and/or experiment using it and other factors to produce explanatory models or test hypothesis about that data.,The wage gap is diagnosed at a national level, not at the level of a study, which usually either uses the nation

painting walls different colors,As a landlord, what is the best thing a tenant did for your property or best thing they left behind that helped you get a higher rent for the next tenant?

As a landlord, what is the best thing a tenant did for your property or best thing they left behind that helped you get a higher rent for the next tenant?FREE CONTENT: This and other articles of mine have been stolen and shared for monetization on Quora without my permission. If you have paid to see this content, you have been ripped off.,,For the