Under which conditions will cyclic photophosphorylation take place?

Cyclic photophosphorylation take place under conditions which exclude non-cyclic photophosphorylation,The situation is created if the activity of pigment system II blocked .This will be accomplished by the use of specific inhibitors or by using wavelength of light greater than 680mu.,Under this conditions,(i) only pigment system- I remains active,i

modern terrace tiles design,Which tiles are used for outdoor areas?

Porcelain:- Porcelain tile is an incredibly dense and robust form of ceramic, & so many porcelain tiles evaluated for flooring use can also work in numerous patio application. The best choices will be finished, matt tiles without a highly bright surface that will be silky when wet. Many porcelain tiles are thick and sturdy enough to use on floors,

Should I publish this map of South Asia?

The map proves how shallow is our thinking and how shallow is out learning of history.,I will provide few points to ponder :,A. Balochistan is not exclusive territory in present day Pakistan. It has 2 other portions Iranian and Afghanistan.nThe real Balochistan is created by merging all three together.,B. There is no mention of Kurds in northern ar

how to make symmetry in photoshop,What is the best cheap drawing software?

Photoshop CC (Windows/macOS)A professional graphics software thatu2019s popular with professional designers, photographers, and editors. Abundant in features, it is also useful for drawing illustrations. Photoshop CC requires some customization, so it is suitable for intermediate artists.,Photoshop CC is prominent in the design and photo processing

How should I prepare for a performance review?

Honestly; and be harsher on yourself than they will be because then that gives your supervisor/boss the opportunity to be a supportive/coach instead of having to burst your bubble of high self praiseu2026.,If there is a larger disconnect than that you might need a third party arbiter

How are performance reviews done at Google? What are they used for?

Google schedules their performance reviews twice a year -- one major one at the end of the year and a smaller one mid-year. This answer is based on my experience as a Google engineer, and the performance review process may differ slightly for other positions.,Each review consists of a self-assessment, a set of peer reviews, and if you're applying f

boneless skinless chicken breast,What is the best way to deep fry chicken breasts?

My kid has been training with all sorts of different chefs the world over now for over 5 years. Itu2019s been one heck of an adventure for him, and heu2019s picked up quite a few recipes, including one when he was working in Vegasu2026..,PANKO CHICKEN SCHNITZEL(from Allrecipes),Thereu2019s loads of ways to deep fry a chicken, but thereu2019s just s

simple modern house interior,What do Indonesians like about the Philippines?

Iu2019m Indonesian and happily married to a beautiful Filipina. I finished my college in Manila and therefore know very well about the country and its people. When I was a Freshman, my peers thought I was snob because I always answer their questions in English (not in Tagalog) and my teachers thought I was a loner since I didnu2019t mingle with the

What are some good mobile apps for crowdfunding?

Check out these 4 crowdfunding platforms:,1. KickstarterApp Specific: NOPlatform: AnyKickstarter has entirely transformed crowdfunding, itu2019s been growing fast and making a business opportunity possible for every innovator or entrepreneur who is determined enough to get started.,It is one of the platforms where people can launch projects to rais

What is the differences and similarities between a lawyer and computer engineer?

U.S. perspectiveI was not an engineer. However, I did study computer science as an undergrad, and I wrote software for three years before attending law school.,I will start with the similarities and overlaps between writing code and practicing law as I do:,I tend toward details, intense focus, precision, and formality of expression, which are helpf

cheap easy healthy dinners,What is your favorite budget friendly cooked meal?

StartersLegumes, wherever you go, are inexpensive. Toast some chickpeas, season them and you have yourself a super starter.,PastaYou need about 100g of pasta per person. So even good, more expensive pasta will cost no more than thirty cent per person. Use seasonable veggies, good oil and youu2019ll remain with small change for a dollar (euro). Past

Which type of mutual scheme will be better if I want to invest my sum of Rs. 1 lacs lying in my bank account with high liquidity and an interest rate of 7-8 %? What will be the tax provision in redemption of fund?

If you want high liquidity and interest rate of 7 - 8% you should invest in units of liquid mutual funds. It is highly liquid(sell today and get money tomorrow or even earlier in a few cases). The risk is very small though it is not totally risk free. But it is less risky than other types of mutual funds. You want high liquidity. That means you may

What online businesses are projected to be a boom in 2022?

If you really start an online business, then you should start a business business is not a problem. You don't need to complicate things. Just choose a method that makes sense to you and start taking action.,1. Choose a profitable online business modelu25cfE-commerce,Itu2019s also easy to sell physical products online, which is exactly what e-commer

What is my car worth?

Look at all the books like KBB, NADA, Cars.com, Carfax, etc., etc. which will give you a baseline value but remember that no two cars are exactly alike so there really is no absolute price except what someone is willing to pay and you are willing to accept.