claudia sanders dinner house,Is the Fried Chicken & Gravy at KFC actually the original Colonel Sanders recipe, or is there a place where I can try it?

This was a fun question to research, as this was a total surprise to me when I was reading up on KFC to write a different answeru2026.. and I couldnu2019t be happier.,Itu2019s well known that Colonel Sanders always regretted selling Kentucky Fried Chicken with his original recipes for both the chicken and the gravy, not to mention the procedures to

best oven baked salmon recipe,What is the best way to fillet salmon?

Easy Baked Breaded SalmonIngredient2 teaspoons olive oil, plus more for coating the foil,4 teaspoons Dijon mustard,1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley,1 (20-ounce) buy salmon fillet (1 1/4 pounds),Kosher salt,Freshly ground black pepper,3 tablespoons panko,MethodsHeat the oven to 425u00b0F and arrange a rack in the middle. Line a baking sheet

small bathroom designs with shower,What are some very frugal ways to decorate your home?

Iu2019m a girl who owns her owns tools and gets involved in some heavy demo work, not sure on your skillsets, but here goes!,Inexpensive ways to decorate:Fabric:Purchase fabric remnants.,Sew new pillows for your sofas, bed, or make linens for your dining table.,Reholster dining chair cushions.,DIY style curtains.,Plants:Adding greenery makes everyt

asian garlic noodles recipe,What are some pictures of your cooked food?

I am a Malaysian student who is currently living in South Korea. These are some of the home-cooked food that I personally really enjoy preparing and eating with my housemate over here.,Malay style fried chicken, sambal (chilli sauce with shrimp paste), cucumber and fried egg with nasi lemak,2. Beef curry noodles with shrimp and coriander leaves (I

What are the top 10 tech companies?

Let's explore the top 10 companies which are leading in the tech company,So in 10 places is,10. Oracle(Image source Google),Itu2019s an American multinational software-based company which is very popular and his most popular product is RDBMS ( DataBase Management System ) which is leading in the company and most used in businesses and java language

How should I prepare for a performance review?

Honestly; and be harsher on yourself than they will be because then that gives your supervisor/boss the opportunity to be a supportive/coach instead of having to burst your bubble of high self praiseu2026.,If there is a larger disconnect than that you might need a third party arbiter

How can I start a home based business?

This one might help you to make the final move:,3 life examples on HOW TO START a home based ONLINE BUSINESSThere is a saying, u201cif you are not ashamed of the first version of your product, youu2019re launching too lateu201d.Do not overthink it: if you do not have any previous experience in launching a business, you probably wonu2019t be able to

How does offering free tertiary education affect a countrys economy?

I am going to assume that tertiary education means colleges and that we are supposed to compare a system of free colleges to a more conventional combination of paid colleges and on the job training. Otherwise, the question is too unspecific for me to answer in an interesting way. Under my assumptions, the effect is most likely to be negative.,The d

chick fil a why are they closed on sunday,Why is Chick-fil-A closed on Sundays?

This is one of the questions whose answer is not in in dispute or open to discussion. If you go to Chick-fil-Au2019s web site, you can get the full story:,Our founder, Truett Cathy, made the decision to close on Sundays in 1946 when he opened his first restaurant in Hapeville, Georgia. Having worked seven days a week in restaurants open 24 hours, T

Why Crypto market is down today after a positive growth till yesterday?

This is merely a correction. After every small or sizable bull run there is a correction. Lots of sell orders executing and many transactions which were double spent correcting themselves.,Although I will say this, we are still not out of the bear market. Weu2019ve seen some crazy prices downfall over the past 40 days and I feel there is still time

What is the goal of a company?

Though Airbnb doesn't necessarily label anything as a "mission" or "vision" on their website, the below statement is on their about page (,,nAs an active Airbnb user and SuperHost (, I would sayAirbnb's mission could be any or all of the following:n,Connecting people who need a place/space to stay with pe