triple chocolate mousse cake recipe,What was the best cake you ever made?

Iu2019m not a big baker, I started to bake just last year, and I do it sparingly.,So, I only know to make 3 types of cakes, which all receive compliments.,German cheesecake or ku00e4sekuchenThis is the very first cake I ever bake. The cake use a certain type of cheese, quark that commonly found in German speaking country (when I first heard about t

How do I promote any video on YouTube for free?

There are tons of ways to promote your channel for FREE. But here I've list only those which I personally found worth recommending!,Difficulty level Easy :-Putting it out in your Facebook post.,Sharing your channel link to your friends and families.,Telling everyone about your channel.,2. Difficulty level Medium:-Creating contents for other social

What did you do to score 600+ in NEET?

They didn't care about their surrounding environment, just focused more on the fact that Tulip is an ornamental plant which belongs to Liliaceace family, belonging to Monocotyledons, which has Perianth instead of differentiated Calyx and Corolla.,They focused more on basics, rather than directly solving advance/higher level problems.,They treated N

can i mirror netflix from my phone to tv,Is Netflix free for Jio Fiber?

Let us take a look at the plans they offer and the services that come as a bundleu2026,So as of now JIO Fiber is offering a total of 7 plans starting at Rs. 399,Jio recently updated their plans and added NETFLIX for some of the plans, letu2019s see which oneu2019s donu2019t have them first..,As you see in the screenshot above that Netflix does not

What is an entrepreneur example?

1. Oprah WinfreyThe Oprah Winfrey Show.,2. Walt Disney3. J.K. RowlingHarry Potter book series,4. John Paul DeJoriaPaul Mitchell hair products, Patron Tequila,5. Madam CJ WalkerLine of beauty and hair products,6. Steve JobsApple,7. Andrew CarnegieCarnegie Steel Mill,8. Benjamin FranklinScientist, printer, politician, inventor, author, diplomat, busi

u shaped kitchen layout drawing,Do you have a picture of the best kitchen design ever?

1. U-shaped Kitchen: If you have a massive kitchen and a need for space, storage and a place to eat, the U-shape is perfect as it offers counters and workspaces on 3 walls and there is still the option of adding an island in the middle. Essentially, the U-shaped kitchen can offer the best of both worlds. Streamlined Designs, Materials and Textures.

rule of thirds portrait orientation,What is the rule of thirds law in photography?

This example would be better with a landscape but I donu2019t have one handy at the moment. Iu2019ll just use Brianna. Letu2019s say I were to crop the image below, like this.,[1]Itu2019s not bad, but it could be stronger. The rule of thirds states that a point of interest should be placed along one of the intersections of the two lines, or in my o

What age represents Gen X?

The Strauss & Howe Definition (they created the concept of "Millennial") runs roughly as follows:,(birthyears),"Lost" Generation - late 1800s,WWII Generation - 1900s into early 1920s,"Silent" Generation - 1920s into mid-1940s,Boomers - late 1940s to early 1960s,GenX - early 1960s to about 1980,Millennials - early 1980s to early 2000s,Plurals or "Ge

what is the meaning of rambunctious,What does mythology of u201cdakiniu201d mean?

Dakini is a name that comes from occult Tantra: She is someone who dances in the midst of emptiness. It is not exactly from mythology.,Separate institutions practicing u201cDakini Tantrau201d existsu2026 while such practices are forbidden with greatest precautions a cursory answer shall only clarify some tenets as:,In MulaDhara as Kundalini awakens