bedroom cabinet design with mirror,Who is the best wardrobe designer for bedroom?

Without a doubt, Durian is the best wardrobe designer for bedrooms. We are a four decade old company with a presence in millions of Indian homes in the form of all kinds of lifestyle elements. Our wardrobe offering has grown out of our customersu2019 demand for reliable options in wardrobes. What better than Durian for it?,Durian wardrobes are modu

different kinds of scrambled eggs,What is the best way to cook scrambled eggs?

The method I always use, and is Gordon Ramsaysu2019 is simplest and never fails.,Cold pan.,Large lump of butter.,Break three eggs into it.,Season, salt and white pepper.,Turn on heat.,Stir as the butter melts, and keep stirring.,As the egg starts to set up into curds, keep taking the pan off the heat so it doesnt overcook.,Keep stirring.,At the poi

the word of god is like a lion,If the serpent was Satan in Genesis and was cursed by God to crawl on his stomach for eternity, why was he walking like a u201croaring lionu201d in Job?

The story of Adam and Eve was not about Satan u2014 that was a later, mainly Christian take on the story because of the obvious fallacy in believing that snakes can talk.,The story of Adam and Eve was essentially animistic and part of its purpose was to explain why snakes crawl on their bellies and women suffer pain in childbirth. Australian Aborig

3 cups all purpose flour in grams,What are some super easy ladoo recipes?

A2A by Nandita Mathur.,Here there are some super easy Laddu recipes.,1. Besan Laddu:Take one cup of besan (Bengal gram flour) and roast it in half cup of ghee (clarified butter) until it becomes pale reddish brown in color and gives good aroma.,After cooling add to it 3/4 cup of powdered sugar and elaichi (cardamom) powder made with 4-6 cardamoms.,

iphone vs samsung which is better,What are some pros and cons of Android and iOS?

Iu2019ve been an iPhone user since the very first iPhone hit the street. This year I was lured away from the iPhone by the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now Iu2019m an Android user.,I prefer the Android. I hated being tethered to iTunes and iCloud and that alone was enough to push me toward Android. Iu2019ve found that the Android apps are just as capable and

small space simple bedroom design,Is it normal to have a sofa in a bedroom?

Yes, it is okay to have a sofa in your bedroom. Provided, you have enough space to spare. Remember, bedrooms are spaces where you come to rest and relax. So, cramping it up with unnecessary furnishings can only make your life difficult. If you'd ask us, we'd suggest you keep your bedroom design minimal. Thus don't overdo anything and always plan yo

How does one create a business plan?

How to Write a Business Plan,This article is part of both our Business Startup Guide and our Business Planning Guideu2014curated lists of our articles that will get you up and running in no time!,If youu2019ve reviewed what a business plan is, and why you need one to start and grow your business, then itu2019s time to dig into the process of actual

Which are the highest paid jobs in India?

I'm a practicing dentist in bangalore. I have a beauty parlour next to my clinic. She does bridal make up and charges u20b925,000 per make up. Today morning she left for chennai on an assignment for 2 days and she ll be making 50k in just 2 days. She ll get at least 10u201315 such assignments every month. This apart from her regular parlour service