small kitchen cabinet ideas,Did your parents let you work during high school?

My dad forced me to work from the age of 10 years old.,Unfortunately, I'm the eldest in the family and my dad needed help in his restaurannt and so instead of hiring someone, he used what he had created.,,The countertop to reach the phone was so high for me, that I had to stand on a chair. I would also do this when taking orders from customers.,I r

Which is the best antivirus in 2022?

Depends if you are asking about business or personal. On the business end our favorites based on testing is Bitdefender GravityZone and Malwarebytes Nebula.

From where did the internet start, or does it come from a satellite?

The internet is one of the networking technologies, developed to connect computers, so that they can communicate with each other. It is specifically client/server model using TCP/IP networking. There are other models and protocol technologies too. Internet(with uppercase I) is a networks formed to inter connect many networks, even when they use dif

What is the difference between molecular mass and molar mass?

Both are numerically same! Yeah, You have read it correct. ;-),But yes there are two differences you should be aware of.,Difference 1. The UnitsWe generally use amu ( atomic mass unit) or u (unified mass) while talking about mass of atoms, molecules and ions.,On the other hand, We generally use gram (g) per mole when we talk about molar mass.,NOTE

When will India become the largest country by population?

All ready India has second rank in Population. This second rank is very dangerous for India. People lived in India faces many difficulties and problem about there life style at the stage. Many people in would be struggled for 2 times meal. The reason for that problem is population. . At that stage the population of India is 133.92 crores. increasin

colors that go with navy blue,What color pants go with navy blue shoes?

I'd suggest light colored pants to compliment the shoes. I love for the shoes to be a showstopper. A navy blue is surely an accent color to consider. Khaki (all shades), lightly colored denim (ashy wash), white jeans/pants, or fun colors that compliment the outfit. Make sure to tie it all in with the shirt and shoes, and of course pants are always

Is there a Chrome extension that would let me change the name of URL links? Changing it, not just shortening it. (Example: to

Thanks for the A2A.,Iu2019ve been thinking about this for long time, since a few processes are quite tedious for me.,And coincidence has it, Iu2019ve done the research yesterday.,Yes, there are number of extensions that would do that. Examples would be,URL Rewriter or,Requestly,But personally, I wasnu2019t happy with either of the solutions. I thin

green exterior house colors,How do you interpret the shirt colors in Breaking Bad? Shirt and jacket colors in Breaking Bad seem to be pretty representative of a characters stateu2014 not necessarily mental state, but where they are in their life.

Here's my theory: ,Green: This person is "breaking bad." nBlue: This person is currently a victim or suffering or otherwise being "punked." nRed: This person is being aggressive. nOrange: I have no idea what this color means. (This color is associated with Hank almost exclusively, so its meaning is unclear. Walter Jr. sometimes wears it, as well. T

What are some examples of the monetary policy?

Congress has directed the Fed to conduct the nation's monetary policy to support three specific goals: maximum sustainable employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates. The Fed seeks to achieve these goals by influencing interest rates and general financial conditions. Other federal reserves such as the German Bundesbank has a m

Can I delete Facebook messages on both ends of Facebook?

I donu2019t know, Iu2019m not on facebook. Iu2019ve been getting text messages on my cell phone, and telling me Iu2019m getting unusual login attempts.,Which is whyu2026 Iu2019m not on it. Iu2019ve been hacked into,and then I stopped going on facebook. I knew something was wrong, and my friend Jaque deleted me, and so I knew.. my facebook was hacke