What do you think about Globalization? (in your own opinion)

I am against Globalization because I know that I have need for my nation state the USA. At this moment it is defending me against an Epidemic coming in from China (2/15/2020) and that need doesnu2019t go away when the epidemic is gone as there is always another threat like it. I am against it because the oligarchs of China will steal my economy if

food network the kitchen recipes,How do you store a cast iron skillet in the kitchen?

I store it with my other cast iron, in a kitchen cabinet. If itu2019s a pot with a lid, I make sure to not seal the lid closed, so the seasoning gets air. Otherwise, it can turn rancid and smelly if not used often.,If you want to, you can place paper towels or a microfiber cloth on the cabinet shelf, to keep the seasoning from staining your cabinet

chicken nugget batter mcdonalds,Is it better to order from the kids menu for my children in a restaurant? i.e. better: financially (for you, not the restaurant), more healthy, quicker, etc.

It depends on the restaurant, the kids and the parents, and the kids meal being offered. Iu2019ve more than once ordered the kids mac and cheese from the Olive Garden with a salad and artichoke dip for both me and my son (Iu2019ve always checked with the server first to see if it was ok for me to order it that way). I also exposed my son to the adu

How does Zoho CRM compare to Hubspot?

HubSpot and Zoho CRM, both are popular CRM options for SMBs. Both are good, which makes it a difficult decision to choose between them. While HubSpot CRM is free, Zoho CRM is not and is available in several pricing tiers; this doesnu2019t mean thereu2019s a clear option.,Here, we will throw light on both HubSpot and Zoho CRM to help you make a more

elegant blue background design,What do you think of Michelle Obamas portrait?

OKu2026 Sou2026 as an artist, I think that portrait does Michelle Obama a great disservice.,From an artistic perspective:,The color is bland, compared to the vibrant and lively color of President Obama's portrait.,Her skin color looks dead, ashy dead. That makes her entire persona look dead.,Unclear/washout light source.,Her ashy skin color and whi

What should you never say when accepting a job offer?

Thanks! But you do realize that Iu2019ll be leaving as soon as I can get a better/pays more/higher level job I like/can stand/my SO (or mommy) approves of.,Thanks but you know Iu2019ll only being staying until XYZ Co., the job I really want, gets back to me.,Can you give me a schedule of all your company holidays so I can plan my time off in advanc

In chemistry, what is the difference between intermolecular and intramolecular forces?

I believe you mean one of these to say Intra- so I will using that interpretation.,Intramolecular forces are only between two atoms that are considered a part of the same molecule, always covalent bonds (total sharing of electrons and solid line joining). Example: Oxygen and hydrogen in water,Intermolecular forces occur as four main types of intera