blue bathroom tiles design,I have hardwood floors, black tile in the bathrooms and kitchen, and blue carpet in the bedroom. Should I put a luxury vinyl plank in the bedrooms if I want to replace the carpet or stick with carpet?

Carpet is a lot warmer in winter. If you are planning on staying in your home , itu2019s a good choice to plan for easy surfaces. if itu2019s a flat weave, because if youu2019re using a walker it can be harder to manipulate. But for falls an amount of padding can help.,Luxury vinyl is nice, many patterns to choose from, and you can easily manuver a

If a catalyst lowers activation energy by equal amounts for both the forward and reverse reaction, shouldnt the equilibrium be changed as according to the Maxwell curve, the ratio of particle with enough activation would be different?

The catalyst lower the activation of both the forward and reverse reaction. Because these two activation energies will not be equal (generally), the equal drop in value is a greater fractional drop for on than the other. This will affect the Boltzman Factor (fraction with sufficient energy), affect the rates of the two reactions differently and so

korean crispy fried chicken recipe,What makes Korean fried chicken so delicious?

Heaven in a cardboard box!,Iu2019d say that Korean fried chicken is such a deliciously wonderful experience due to (1) overall texture, (2) uniqueness in taste in the world of fried chicken, and (3) contrast in flavors between the u201cfriedu201d and u201cspicyu201d types when eaten together.,The twice-frying technique method helps to maintain juic

modern bathroom color schemes,What is the most beautiful shot in a film ever?

These are some of the most iconic shots in cinema history:,Finding Nemo. Rule of thirds used excellently. The beauty of what lies beneath the surface showed on the left and the vast, intimidating openness of the ocean showed on the right.,The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes Andersonu2019s love for color and symmetry is demonstrated here in full effect.,T

Who owns Twitter?

^This guy is the co-founder. He is one of the very few people in the world that can do multi-tasks among high brain requirement tasks.,.,And you have to understand when a company grows but more and more people hop on as investors, some c-level (CEO, CTO, etc.) or senior position and equity dilute, many companies are public as well which means you c

cheap christmas food hampers,Why is couponing not as big in the UK?

It's just gone hi tech you get offer codes sent to you by text and mail. Shop loyalty is still sought but you have cards on your key ring that are barcoded they scan your card you get points.There are stil cut out offers but it's mainly the old folk who cut them out apart from the usual kids toys on cereal packet. I remember Co-op stamp books and e

how long does rice cook in a rice cooker,How do you cook rice in an electric cooker?

1)Measure the rice with a cup and put it into your cooking potSome rice cookers have a removable bowl or pot, while others must have the rice placed directly in the cooker. Most of the time, rice cookers will come with a measuring "cup" or scoop that can fit 3/4 cup (180 mL). Alternatively, use an ordinary measuring cup.,One cup (240 mL) of uncooke

sony rx100 iv for sale philippines,Which DSLR is best for photography for a beginner?

DSLR is one of the most powerful camera now a days for shooting (photography, videography recording live video etc) is available in many brands. Finding ideal camera is most important thing. The important features tou need to check before buying is camera body quality and lens quality is most important feature to check. Now a day there are dozens o