Which is a better course CFA OR FRM?

The answer to this question depends upon the liking of an individual. Let me try to answer this question from different points.,Overview of the Exam:Financial Risk management (FRM) is a globally certified course by GARP. If you are more inclined and passionate about risk management then FRM is the right course for you.,Chartered Financial Analyst (

What are some good examples of "life isnt fair"?

I would like to share the story of Sophie LancasterThis is Sophie Lancaster.,This is her boyfriend, Rob Maltby.Now, the first thought of many people would be that they have a goth-like appearance.,Sophie and Rob said they weren't gothics, but just dressed in clothes they liked, did their hair the way they liked it and got some piercings because the

how to cook hard boiled eggs,What are some travel tips for Beijing?

1. Get a Beijing Municipal Administration and Communication Card (ShiZhengJiaoTong YiKaTong, YIKATONG) and make good use of Beijing public transport.Beijing has one of the most convenient public transport system in the world. You can get to most attractions by subway and buses. Although during rush hours ground transport tends to be stuck and the s

Is it true that China has become the worlds richest country? Is it possible in 2022?

IT'S TRUE.,A recent report authored by the research wing of McKinsey & Co has said Chinese wealth has surged from $7 trillion in the year 2000 to $120 trillion in 2020. But please not that this is household or personal wealth.,The report however has also highlighted rising inequality in China. More than two-thirds of the wealth is held by the riche

What is a genetically modified organism (GMO)?

Venomous CabbageScientists have recently taken the gene that programs poison in scorpion tails and looked for ways to combine it with cabbage. Why would they want to create venomous cabbage? To limit pesticide use while still preventing caterpillars from damaging cabbage crops. These genetically modified cabbages would produce scorpion poison that

living room furniture dimensions,Why are British houses so small?

There are several reasons why both the impression is, that UK homes are smaller, and the fact that compared to SOME, they are.,Chiefly among the reasons are money.,The Private Housing Market in the UK is generally agreed upon by many of its citizen to be frankly appalling. The methods whereby a house (or any property) is purchased (mainly in Englan

pink colour combination with other colours,What colors go well with pink?

Pink will sit well with colours close to it on the colour wheel, like reds, and purples. This would be an analogous scheme,For a complementary theme, you could use green with pink.,For contrast yellow, blue, and orange can work.,It will work with black, white, and grey, silver, and gold too.

What is the true color of indigo?

If the sky is blue because of the color reflection from the ocean, then what makes the ocean blue?Well, youu2019re starting off with a false premise. The sky is not blue because it reflects from the oceans. Think about it. If that were true, then wouldnu2019t the sky over land be green? Wouldnu2019t the sky over the arctic be white? No, there has t

Why is Mukesh Ambani more successful than Anil Ambani?

It is the vision and Mission oriented execution of plans that make Mr. Mukesh Ambani the true heir of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani and a legend in his own right.,First ExampleJamnagar Refinery is on Pakistan border. It might be attacked by the Pak Airforce and damaged.,By securing SAUDI Aramco investment of $ 15 billion, and enterprise valuation of $ 75 bi

cool background for photo editing,Which is best photo background editor app?

Are you looking for a perfect tool that can remove your photou2019s background free of cost with absolute precision? Well, your search for such an online tool is over with FocoClipping.,FocoClipping is an online free to use photo background remover that allows you to remove your photou2019s background perfectly in just a few seconds automatically!,